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Agent Offers

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This article describes a feature obsolete as of Revelations II.

Agents used to offer special items for Loyalty Points.

Offers were rewards in addition to the regular mission bonuses of ISK and/or random loot. Sometimes the offers were rather useless (offering trade goods or cash for drugs), but the most coveted offers were for Faction Ships and Pirate Implants. Agent offers were randomly selected and delivered to players via Eve mail system, and their quality was based on the amount of Loyalty Points a player had with a given agent (yes, in those days it was individual agents, not corporations). The offer could be rejected but the agents would not send another one until a player did another mission for them.

With Revelations II the individual offers from agents were replaced with the Corporation LP Store, which pooled all loyalty points from individual agents into a corporation loyalty point store, available on most stations as one of their facilities.

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