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Agent Type

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Agents come in four fundamental varieties.


Mission Agents

Also called 'normal agents', or just 'agents', these agents offer random missions that depend upon their level, the corporate division they work for, and to a lesser extent their faction or corporation.

See also Category:Agents

Locator Agents

Some Mission agents can help you locate players in the world of EVE. These agents have 'Location Services' listed in the Agent Info along with the time it will take and the price of locating the player. The better the agent, the less time it takes the agent to find the player you're looking for, and in this case time can be of the essence, as pilots move around all the time. If you want to use the location service you need to be in the same station as your agent and then tell him/her who you are looking for. The cost will then be withdrawn from your account and you will receive an EVEmail with the player's last known location when your agent has located him/her.

Storyline Agents

Storyline Agents offer 'Important' missions that improve your standing with a faction, and provide a significant improvement to your standing with a corporation.

Unlike Mission agents, you must be given a referral to a storyline agent. Every 16 missions that you run for normal (mission) agents, you will be offered one mission from a Storyline agent.

see also Category:Storyline Agents

Event Agents

Event agents can be found about anywhere your ship can travel. They have been spotted at planets, moons, belts, outside and inside stations, and even inside complexes.

Most event agents offer only a single, particular mission that can be run only once. These mission offer no Loyalty points, but do provide faction/corporation standing boosts, and very interesting rewards.

There are some exceptions:

  • Circle Agents offer missions, each of which results in the player's ship having docked at the station of another similar agent. Taking the mission offered by that agent leads to another circle agent, until eventually the player has returned where they started. These missions are repeatable.
  • Some Tutorial agents offer a pair of missions called The Endless Battle. While each agent only offers the missions once, you may visit each agent and perform the mission again.
  • There are a few level 1 COSMOS agents who offer repeatable missions. The repeatable Event Agents only give out the faction bonus the first use.

See also Category:Event Agents

Research Agents

Main article: Research Agents

The reason to use Research agents is that they provide research points, which can be used to purchase Datacores for use in the Invention process. (Selling Datacores is highly profitable, too.)

While you may make use of as many Mission agents at one time as you wish, the number of Research agents you may use at one time is limited by your skill in Research Project Management.

Simply having the research agent allotted will provide research points, but you can also run special missions for your research agent (once each day per agent).

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