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Aggression timer

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Aggression Timers are 15 minute timers that indicate how long you/another person can attack one another for crimes commited. There are two types, plain Aggression Timers, and red Global Criminal Countdowns (GCC). Both last 15 minutes unless re-triggered.


Yellow Aggression Timers mean you have done something that allows another player to attack you, but doesn't call CONCORD in Empire space or aggro Gate and Station guns in lowsec. most often triggered via Can Flipping or when criminals enter empire space and get shot at by NPC police forces.

Red Global Criminal Countdowns are triggered when you attack another player/certain NPC entities in Empire space or Lowsec. These timers mean that you will be shot at by Station and Gate guns, and if you're in Empire space, NPC police forces and CONCORD. Also, if you attack any wrecks/cans/players, you cannot dock anywhere for a few minutes, nor can you use Stargates. Any NPC forces that attack you also set an invisible aggression timer against you. Returning aggression (if someone shoots you first) does not trigger this countdown, nor does shooting red Criminal players (those with a security status below -5.0)

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