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Volley damage

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Volley Damage is one of the terms used to describe damage that has a high damage value with a single shot.

An attack relying on high initial damage without regard for recharge time is known as an Alpha Strike. Such damage can be used to destroy an enemy suddenly. As a destroyed enemy cannot make use of repair abilities, it can be used to bypass a repair-based Tank, even when the aggressors do not have sufficient DPS to out-perform the repair-based Tank.


High Volley Damage Weapons

All weapons have some Volley Damage, but a few weapons have much higher front-loaded damage:

  • Projectile Artillery, which is the undisputed champion of Volley Damage
  • Missile weapons, which have high volleys, but are delayed as they must travel to the target
  • Beam lasers, which are incredibly consumptive of resources, but provide a decent volley size
  • Smartbombs, which deal less Volley than the other weapons, but do not require a lock, are AoE, and don't care about ship size

Sudden Destruction

If you can erase all of the enemy HP immediately in a single shot, quite simply, they are destroyed nearly instantly. The consequence of this is that the enemy may be destroyed even quicker than with other weapons, making it difficult or impossible to react to the sudden attack.

This principle is used by Suicide Gankers in High Sec to attack haulers.

Temporary DPS advantage

It is possible for a weapon with normally low DPS, yet a high Volley Damage, to temporarily out-perform a weapon with greater DPS. In some cases, a target can be destroyed sooner with the high Volley, low DPS weapon.

As an example, imagine a target with 100HP. Now imagine a weapon that does 60 damage per shot, but takes 10 seconds to cycle the action. It would, therefore, take 10 seconds to fire two shots and destroy the target. The DPS of the weapon would be 6, and it would have dealt 120 damage by 10 seconds.

Imagine another weapon, this one does 16 damage per shot, and takes only 2 seconds to cycle the action. It does 8 DPS, but would not destroy the target after 10 seconds; the 2nd weapon would have dealt 96 damage, leaving 4 HP.

Delayed Volleys

While delayed Volley Attacks by missiles are not typically as good as weapons that instantly connect, they can still be used to the same effect so long as you don't need to surprise the enemy too much.

Volley Window

As said earlier, sometimes you can destroy a target using less DPS than needed to overpower their repairs. This can be accomplished by taking away all of their HP quickly in between repairs.

Depending on the setup, you will have a different amount of time to destroy the enemy. This can either be the time it takes for the enemy to place Remote Repairs onto the target, or the time it takes for a local repair module to cycle the action. Either way provides the window of opportunity to deal enough damage to destroy the enemy.

Depending on how long you have, low Volley weapons may be nearly as effective if there is enough time to strike multiple times.

During the Final Day of the Alliance Tournament V matches, Hun Reloaded battled eXceed using a team of 10 Ruptures armed with Artillery. At first, it appeared that they didn't have sufficient DPS to break the Tank of eXceed. About half way through, Hun managed to punch a large hole in one of the ships so suddenly, that the next Volley was enough to destroy the ship in spite of the repair efforts of eXceed.

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