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A character that is not a main. Often created to perform a specific task, alts are used by many players in Eve. Some players use them so they can support themselves and therefore play solo whereas others still are team members but use both characters to either fill one role with more efficiency or two roles. Also known as: Alt

Uses For Alts

  • Spy in certain systems, scan gates from far away before entering the system with precious cargo (This has to be done with seperate accounts due to the rule that you cannot log on both characters on one account at a time)
  • Check the market in other regions than the main's home region.
  • Post things on the forum that a player doesn't want associated with their main character.
  • Combat related (The main will usually be supported in a way by the alt or it can be done visa versa, using modules such as remote sensor boosters or shield/armor/cap transfer modules.
  • For the industry player, one character will be trained in mining and the other in hauling, saving ISK and precious mining time.

A Quick Tip

Thanks to the CCP character transfer, when you have had more than one account for a while and find one of your characters are trained to where you want them and need to save money, you can transfer the character to the main account. Example, if you are a miner, you can dedicate one character to mining and one to refining. Simpler matter of relogging when you need to refine. This will save you the cost of running both accounts at one time (be it in ISK with GTCs or RL money).

Warnings About Alts

Most corporations want to make sure that alts of their members aren't in enemy alliances or corporations. There is the very real possibility of espionage. Some corporations will require a screenshot of you character login page to help reduce the risk of betrayal. However, if the alt is on a different account there is no way that they can prove the alt is connected to you.

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