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Amarr ships

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Source(s): Game solutions

Nearly all Amarr ships follow the same straightforward design: ships with thick, durable armor that employ

laser turrets. Where other factions tend to field a number of ships with alternative mission profiles, especially in

their cruiser classes, Amarrians rarely stray from their core ship design principles. While this inflexibility can make

Amarrian tactics predictable and easily countered, the approach remains as popular as it is (relatively) uncomplicated,

and often produces very satisfactory results.

Aesthetically, the Amarr tend toward ornate Art Deco ship designs, favouring curved golden hulls that are often inscribed

with iconography relating to the Amarrian religion (see Amarr Empire). They seem to concentrate on symmetry and

delight in making their ships look beautiful. Amarr ship names are often religious – particularly Christian – terms,

such as the Apocalypse battleship, the Avatar titan, the Inquisitor frigate, the Omen cruiser, etc.

Although almost all Amarr ships favor laser turrets and heavy armor, some emphasize one at the expense of the other. The

Retribution assault ship, the Omen cruiser and others have one or more damage or rate of fire bonuses and focus

on raw laser damage, while the Maller cruiser, Apocalypse battleship and others focus on the ability to tank

damage. However, there are a few exceptions to the laser/armor tank designs, found especially among higher-tech ships.

The Arbitrator and Pilgrim are armor-tanking droneboats, while the Vengeance and Sacrilege feature

both laser and missile hardpoints.

General Strengths

  • Exceptional armor tankers, with the thickest armor and best resistances of the four playable factions
  • Tend to have large number of low slots for armor repairers, but this also means you can fit a large number of speed

modules such as overdrive injectors. This can result in speeds which even overtake comparable Minmatar ships,

although at a cost.

  • Capacitor bonuses to laser use mean Amarr ships can wield them for allowable periods, and many ships have other bonuses

to laser weapons. Some ships have short-range missiles bonuses.

  • Tend to have very large capacitor reservoirs (slightly better than Gallente), although lasers drain capacitor


General Weaknesses

  • In a sense, many Amarr ships are missing turret bonuses that the equivalent ship of a different race would have. This

is because many Amarr ships have (at level 5 skills) a 50% capacitor use reduction to laser weapons, making lasers

usable, but not more powerful. They still get damage and re-fire bonuses, but not as many

  • Typically have small number of medium slots, meaning EW and AB/MWD usage is compromised. Many Amarr ships

are unable to perform roles such as tackling to the degree that other factions' ships are able

  • Ships are often expensive compared to other factions
  • Relatively weak hulls and rather thin shields
  • Often slower base max velocities than comparable ships of other factions
  • Often can't fit all their high slots with weapons - so damage output can't be maximized

Common Construction Materials

  • Tungsten Carbide armour plating
  • Fusion thrusters
  • Antimatter reactor units
  • Weak linear shielding
  • RADAR sensors


Standard Battlecruisers


The Harbinger is a battlecruiser straightforwardly meant to deal incredible damage. With 7 turret hardpoints and

8 high slots, this ship is built purely for DPS. Many popular Harbinger fittings include energy vampires to spare the

capacitor, armor plating for a tank buffer, and an abundance of heat sinks to optimize damage output.


The Prophecy offers a mix of damage output and tanking. While never quite reaching the capabilities of the battleship-

class, it can come very close to either with specialized setups. Given its likeness to ancient birds of prey, it is

commonly called "The Golden Chicken," "The Flying Chicken," or some variant. Is sometimes equiped with projectile turrets

because it lacks an energy weapon damage bonus.

Advanced Battlecruisers

Command Ships


As far as Command Ships go, the Absolution is perhaps the most juggernaut-like and purposefully aggressive. Anyone

who has flown and liked a Harbinger will love the Absolution for its tremendously solid armor, with only a minor

chink toward thermal damage, and its massive capacity for laser-based devastation. While it does not feature any

defensive bonuses, its abundance of low slots allows it to boost its armor considerably, or add greatly to the already

great damage that its six laser turrets can cause. Altogether, the Absolution fills a singular and very Amarr-like battle

plan: Fly in, hit hard, and leave none alive. To take one down requires either overwhelming firepower or a group of ships

and disabling measures.


The Damnation is an odd fleet Command Ship if ever there was one, but at the same time this is probably what makes it the

most effective of all together with the right sort of fleet. Possessing even greater resistances than the already

frightening ones of its sibling, the Absolution, it is a missile platform, able to project firepower that easily

rivals that of many dedicated Caldari ships, and leaving its already massive capacitor free for supporting its tank

fully. And, in addition to that, it features a significant bonus to the effectiveness of Armored Warfare links,

allowing the Damnation to massively reinforce a fleet's armor with ease, making it immensely tough. When all these add

up, the Damnation is easily the most immovable tank in all of EVE, short of Dreadnoughts and Titans, and even

rivaling some of those closely. And on the off side, when not boosting a host of armed ships, it is very useful for

improving the efficiency of and protecting mining operations.


Standard Battleships


What the Apocalypse was intended to do for turrets, the Armageddon was intended to do for tanking. Until

Revelations, this was the only 8 low-slot Battleship, allowing it the ability to field a tank – or support its 7

turrets – that was simply unmatched. However, with the arrival of the Tier 3 Battleships, the Armageddon's 8th low is

less impressive, but for pilots not wanting to spend the kind of ISK a Tier 3 Battleship requires, the Armageddon

remains a very potent choice that enjoys a rate of fire bonus, making its 7 turrets arguably equal to the Apocalypse's 8.

Thanks to the factor of pricing (Armageddons are frequently sold on the market for as little as 35 million ISK) and the

ability to range between being an immovable wall of armor or as good as a flying gun, and anything in between, the

Armageddon is considered by many to be the ultimate fleet Battleship.


Prior to the arrival of the Abaddon, the Apocalypse was the ultimate expression of turret-based fury: 8 turret slots and

bonuses to both capacitor use and size to ensure that the 8 turrets kept firing. No other ship could boast such an

arsenal. Although many pilots contend the lack of damage bonuses keep the Apocalypse from competing with other

battleships for pure damage, the Apocalypse remains a very popular ship for close and long-range engagements. In the

Trinity 1.1 Boost Patch, the Apocalypse's 5% capacitor bonus was replaced by a 7.5% optimal range boost per [[Amarr

Battleship]] skill level, giving it more sniping capability than other Amarr battleships.


In the release of Revelations, the Amarr were given a new lease on life in the battleship realm with a terror -

the Abaddon. Bearing 8 turret hardpoints and the only per-level damage bonus among Amarr battleships, the Abaddon

can unleash a light show unlike any other. With an armor resistance bonus as well, the Abaddon's 7 low slots and

generous power grid ensure that the show will go on for quite some time.

The only concern pilots have about the Abaddon lies with the missing capacitor bonus: pilots must manage their capacitor

carefully, as all but the highest level of full laser-based setups cannot fire and tank simultaneously for more than 2 or

3 minutes. The pilot must either cease fire when appropriate (partial or full), switch to a less demanding lens set,

take a non-repair tank and rely on remote repairs, or fit a full rack of Projectile weapons instead. In the last case,

damage is sacrificed for the ship to be able to devote its entire capacitor to using its resistance bonus and field an

extremely powerful dual Armor Repair setup that can tank upwards of 800 DPS. There have been many attempts at

fitting full-Tachyon setups as well, all of which have met with only mild success. Not because of a lack of powergrid

capacity though, or even capacitor stress (thanks to boosters and extreme capacitor recharge setups), but because the

Abaddon lacks CPU.

Faction Battleships

Apocalypse Navy Issue

The Apocalypse Navy Issue is the Amarr battleship Loyalty Point reward. Superior in shielding, armor and structure

to the already-fearsome Apocalypse, it adds a single low slot, making for an 8/4/8 setup. Were it not for its price tag

and lack of availability, it could be considered the most fearsome fleet battleship of all, with tremendous range and

damage potential.

Armageddon Navy Issue

The Armageddon navy issue is an upgraded version of the armageddon introduced in the Dominion expansion. It's only

available by means of Loyalty Points gotten bij participation in Faction Warfare (i.e. 24th Imperial Crusade

corporation). It lacks the range bonus of the Apocalypse and has one less turret slot but gets a decent rate of fire

bonus and a 175m3 drone bay in return.

Advanced Battleships

Black Ops


The Redeemer is the Amarr Black Ops Battleship. Like all ships of its class, its role and usefulness has been

debated, largely because of the great amount of Cynosural Jammers placed around 0.0 security and player faction

space, effectively inhibiting the usefulness of any Black Ops ship's Jump Drive. Besides from its role as a faction

warfare ship, the Redeemer can largely be seen as a suped-up Armageddon, losing a turret point but gaining in all

aspects including powergrid capacity, capacitor, resistances and speed. It also features a 7.5% tracking bonus to its

large turrets, and adds unpredictability to its fortés, thanks to being capable of actually flying faster when cloaked at

higher skill levels. As far as pure damage goes, the Redeemer is possibly the most impressive of all Black Ops, if not

faced with a Sin at close range, able to mount and consistently fire six Tachyon Lasers, and operate five Heavy




The Paladin is the Amarr Marauder. Only capable of mounting four turrets, but receiving a 100% damage bonus to its

favored turret type, obviously heavy lasers as it is an Amarr ship, the Paladin, like all Marauder ships, is meant to

dish out tremendous damage over long range. This, combined with several high slots left for space and a bonus to the

range and speed of tractor beams, makes this beast a potential moving salvage operation, and understandably good for

mission running. Unfortunately, also like all Marauder ships, it suffers from very weak sensors, and without support is

thus swiftly countered by nearly any foe employing the right tactics. Adding to this, the Paladin also has a strong

competitor in the only slightly slower, more than comparably powerful Sansha's Nation battleship, the Nightmare,

which can deal similar damage but with better tracking, and without sacrificing sensor strength, though of course not

featuring the same tanking ability.

Capital Ships

The Archon



The Aeon is the Amarr mothership-class carrier.


The Archon is the Amarr carrier.



The Revelation is the Amarr Dreadnought.



The Avatar is the Amarr Titan.



The Providence is the Amarr Freighter.

Jump Freighter


The Ark is the Amarr Jump Freighter.


Non-combat T1 Amarr cruisers include the Arbitrator and the Augoror.

Standard Cruisers


The Amarr support cruiser, the Augoror is one of the less common ships found in space. Its bonuses are not suited for

direct combat – a 10% bonus to armor hit points and energy transfer array capacitor need per Amarr Cruiser level,

and a 500% range bonus to energy transfer arrays. It has no mining bonuses and an only slightly above-average cargo hold

and you have a ship suitable only for supporting ultra-high capacitor use activities.


The Arbitrator is the Amarr EWAR Cruiser, with a bonus to tracking disruptors. The Arbitrator is arguably the

most flexible of all Amarrian ships, and perhaps the only wildcard in their Cruiser line, as it is capable of fielding

150 m3 worth of drones, giving it the ability to deal other types of damage than EM. With a 4/4/4 slot layout, it

may not be able to focus extensively in any single area, but it can put up a decent shield or armor tank, as well as

fitting either an energy vampire setup or a small complement of turrets in the high slots. It is also rather

affordable, and while plenty of skills are required to bring out its full potential, with time and the right equipment

the Arbitrator can serve as a highly useful disposable ship, mission runner and gang-support. Some players enjoy

foregoing high slot equipment entirely, in order to fit a 1600 mm plate setup, using their drones exlusively for damage

while absorbing fire with impunity.


For those players who cannot afford the Maller or dislikes its bulky look, the Omen offers a less-expensive and far

better looking choice, although the tank on the Omen is nowhere as sturdy. However, the Omen gains a rate of fire bonus

and a 15 m3 drone bay, and all at a higher base speed.


The strongest of the four Amarr cruisers, the Maller can arguably field the most impressive armor tank of all T1

cruisers. In addition to the typical laser turret capacitor bonus, the Maller also enjoys a 5% bonus to armor resistance

per Amarr Cruiser level. With the Maller's 6 low slots, this allows for putting together a ship that may not out-

damage its opponents but very frequently can outlast them. In missions the Maller may suffer from the lack of any drone

capacity however.

Faction Cruisers

Augoror Navy Issue

The Augoror Navy Issue is the Amarr cruiser Loyalty Point reward. An Amarr heavy armor tanker, this vessel is a

substantial upgrade over the standard issue Auguror, with 5 more slots (2 high, 1 mid, 2 low, for a total of 7/3/6), and

an impressive bonus to armor per level of Amarr Cruisers. It is rounded out with a bonus to medium energy turret

capacitor use.

Omen Navy Issue

Loyalty Points reward, also available via Contracts. A faster and better geared version of the Omen with a

slightly larger drone bay (25 m3 in stead of 15 m3) and far better defensive options due to the 2 extra low

slots. Its extra bonus compared to the Omen is a slightly higher Rate of Fire. The only drawback is its tighter


Advanced Cruisers

Heavy Assault Ships


The Sacrilege is a powerful missile boat, slinging missiles as fast as most pilots fire rockets. It has devastating

skill bonuses: a 5% reduction to capacitor recharge time and 5% increase in missile launcher rate of fire per [[Heavy

Assault Ships]] skill, and a 5% bonus to armor resistance 5% bonus to heavy assault missile damage per Amarr Cruiser

skill level. But with an average range of 14 km for Tech 1 heavy assault missiles, Sacrilege pilots need to kiss the

enemy on the nose before they can start fighting. Luckily, the Sacrilege's reasonably high base speed, plentiful

capacitor, and the fact that its armor is the most considerable of that of all Heavy Assault ships, means that it will

have no problem bull-rushing into a fight and seeing it through.


With damage, range, capacitor need reduction, and rate of fire bonuses to laser turrets, the Zealot is a laser

pilot's dream come true. Effective as both a "machine gun" or a long-range sniping ship (able to reach in excess of

100km), this ship is an excellent choice for any laser-lover. Even if it does not feature a bonus to armor resistances,

all of its four skill bonuses being geared toward laser range, damage and capacitor economy, the Zealot's well-rounded

armor resistances and ample low slots means that it can also put up an impressive tank, though understandably nowhere

near as impressive as that of the Sacrilege. Nevertheless, with its higher speed and considerably greater range, chances

are that it can whittle down its sibling rather easily from long range, given time.

Heavy Interdictor


The Devoter is the Amarr Heavy Interdictor. More often found in low- or null-sec space because of the role they play,

these ships are capable of using a warp disruption field generator to create a permanent disruption in space into which

no ships can warp, and which can actively pull passing ships out of warp as well, making them very useful both for

fleet and gang work. However, as far as Heavy Interdictors go, the Devoter is less encountered, and generally considered

an underpowered choice, mainly because of the bonuses it receives, and its lack of damage potential. Its immediately

combat-relevant bonuses are an armor resistance bonus and a laser rate of fire bonus, with a laser capacitor use

reduction bonus thrown in. However, with seven low slots and massive resistances, all added to thanks to a 5% bonus to

resistances per skill level, practically a 25% bonus right away, the Devoter has tremendous staying

power. This assures its usefulness, especially in smaller fleets and gangs.



The Guardian is useful if you're fighting alongside either shield or armor tankers. Worth note is the capacitor

consumption bonus for energy transfer arrays – because of the bonus, the ship actually gives more energy than the

amount of capacitor it loses. A pair of Guardians bouncing capacitor back and forth will generate energy quickly, and

can become a big source of capacitor for the fleet. Guardians are also very capable tankers, especially in groups of 3

that are all using their remote armor repair systems on each other.

Recon Ships


Previously considered the most powerful of the Recon Ships, now hotly debated after the rather predominant NOS nerf,

the Curse enjoys a range of bonuses which nevertheless complement each other well – drone damage, tracking disruption,

nosferatu/neutralizer power, and nosferatu/neutralizer range. The combination potentially allows a Curse to out-drain

battleships, and do so from much further away, all while enjoying drone damage bonuses and EWAR support. This jet-

black vessel is a threat to any ship not passively tanking with projectile turrets or missiles.


Although not as dangerous in open combat as the Curse, the Pilgrim is equally as frightening, due to its ability to

cloak and choose its conflicts. The Pilgrim lacks the range bonus for energy vampires that the Curse has, but

features all the other bonuses (to drone damage, tracking disruption, and nosferatu/neutralizer power). While perhaps not

as useful in mid-size fleet support as the Falcon, Arazu, or Rapier, the Pilgrim, along with its brother,

features the absolutely greatest damage potential and solo ability of all Recon ships, and as such it still is a ship to

be deeply respected in small, ambush-style combat.

Strategic Cruisers


This is the Tech 3 Cruiser for Amarr. It was Released in the Apocrypha expansion but considered sub-par compared to the

other faction's t3 cruisers. It features 5 subsystem slots. One for Defensive subsystems, one for Offensive

subsystems, one for Engineering subsystems, one for Electronics subsystems and one Propulsion subsystems. There are 4

subsystems in each of the above catagoriess.

With the modular way of ship design the Legion can be used for a variety of tasks. For options read [[Amarr



Standard Destroyers


Like other destroyers, the Coercer is a decent ship for a variety of roles, including salvaging duty, early miner,

hit-and-run sniper, and holding back tackling frigates. The only thing that really sets it apart from other factions'

destroyers is that it uses lasers, which lack both high single-volley damage (such as that of artillery) and extreme

range (like that of railguns). However, the Coercer does possess 4 low slots, the largest number of any Destroyer –

but even so it isn't able to tank the medium- and large-size weaponry that frigates are able to dodge at their base

speed. It can use the low slots to load overdrive injector modules, but the stacking penalty means the Coercer

won't gain much of an advantage over other Destroyers for speed.

The Coercer also suffers from a lack of medium slots – while it's unlikely to do much tackling, being able to have a

webifier handy for ensnaring small targets, along with a MWD for outrunning larger targets, is generally a good

idea for a Destroyer.

As with other destroyers, the Coercer makes a decent salvage ship, and can use its abundant low slots for

cargo expanders or Overdrive Injectors. Unfortunately, it has the smallest base cargo hold of all four


Advanced Destroyers



The Amarr Interdictor is intended to do one thing and one thing only: lay warp disruption bubbles. These bubbles last for two minutes and prevent any ship inside the bubble from warping. They also

pull ships that are passing out of warp early – so one could, theoretically, lay an ambush in the middle of nowhere.

However, by comparison to other Interdictors the Heretic is somewhat underpowered in the firepower to range department,

having a damage bonus to rockets only. Although it features an excellent velocity bonus to regular missiles, this

combined with the fact that the Heretic is the slowest of all Interdictors makes for a poor combination. It might be

capable of ripping frigates to shreds if they move within its range, but no skilled pilot would ever do such a thing. And

in spite of decent resistances and an understandably good armor tank, against many opponents it is sorely outmaneuvered

or outgunned.


Non-combat T1 Amarr frigates include the Tormentor miner, the Crucifier EWAR boat and the Magnate

astrometrics/scout frigate. Amarr lack the fast courier frigate found in other factions' fleets.

Standard Frigates


While this banana looks aggressive, it is unfortunately made from the thinnest armor and cheapest shield emitters.

Further, because it is slower than the other rookie frigates and has no real bonus to its primary weapon

(the Civilian Gatling Pulse Laser), it does not fare well in starter ship fights using only civilian

modules – especially against the speedy Minmatar Reaper, which leaves Impairor pilots choking on dust.


A bizarre-looking ship with a bizarre (to an Amarrian point of view) purpose, the Crucifier is the Amarrian EWAR

frigate. It is notable for being the only T1 Amarr frigate that can mount the web/scram trio of a MWD, a [[stasis

webifier]], and a warp disruptor. Unfortunately, the ship otherwise is a poor tackler, as it is one of the

heaviest frigates and has a low base maximum velocity, a mere 245 m/s. The bonus to tracking disruptors is pleasant,

and makes the ship a cheap platform that can wield them more effectively, even if it doesn't make it a powerhouse vital

to a fleet.


This ship has moderate defenses compared to the Punisher, and only having two turret hardpoints and a 2/2/2 slot setup

means it has a lot of limitations. However, it's the fastest Amarr Tech 1 frigate, and very handy in some fights at

lower levels. It's also very cheap, so if you need a fast, inexpensive ship on a moment's notice, the Executioner will

fit the bill. When speed fitted, it's one of the fastest Tech 1 frigates of all races, and the most maneuverable – an

Executioner equipped with a MWD is a nice ship for traveling around at sub-warp. It is also capable of entering warp

very quickly, in case a fast getaway is needed.


Another variation on the 'Aggressive Banana' design formula, or perhaps better described as a fearsome flying Nike logo,

the Inquisitor is the Amarr missile frigate. It offers 3 launcher hardpoints, along with a single turret hardpoint.

With the sorely-needed ability to choose damage types other than EM combined with a missile loadout and an extensive

315 m3 cargo bay, it is probably the best Amarr frigate for PvE work. It isn't nearly as stalwart as the

Punisher, but still has pretty good survivability.


Added in the Empyrean Age expansion, the Magnate is the Amarr scout frigate. It can defend itself with its two

turret hardpoints, receiving the standard Amarr frigate bonus to small energy turret capacitor usage, and the up to

two light scout drones it is able to field. It has a relatively large 320 m3 cargo hold and, like all Amarr

craft, has extensive armor plating. It also receives bonuses to the duration/activation time of Astrometrics

modules. It's relatively expensive for a frigate, and while its astrometrics bonus is intended to let it scout out

systems quickly, the lack of stealth makes it vulnerable. It also features only a single medium slot, so while it might

be a good utility ship, if one wants a throwaway tackler or gang ship, it is highly inferior to the Executioner.


The Punisher has thick armor, good shields, and three turret hardpoints. It's not the fastest ship, but it has

incredible durability due to its resistance bonuses and armor. It also has 4 low slots, which can provide a very

extensive armor tank, particularly for a frigate. Like most Amarr frigates it is unable to tackle effectively, since it

only has 2 medium slots, and it lacks a damage bonus so its firepower isn't all that impressive (sometimes it's equiped

with autocannons for the lack of a laser bons), but for sheer potential longevity it's hard to see a better Tech 1



The Tormentor is the Amarr miner. It has a big cargo bay, can mount two mining lasers, and can expand its cargo

reasonably. It also has a 5 m3 drone bay, which can be used for a mining drone for greater mining efficiency or a

combat drone for protection. The Tormentor also makes an average fighting vessel, should you need to rearm it for

missioning. Finally, it's extremely cheap, so if you're an Amarr miner you can get a good ship pretty quickly.

Faction Frigates

Amarr Navy Slicer

The Amarr frigate Loyalty Point reward, and it's exactly what you'd expect them to come up with for a Navy frigate.

The Slicer has plenty of high and low slots at the expense of mediums, having a 4/2/5 setup, and receives bonuses to

small energy turret capacitor use and damage. It might not be very fast or capable at EWAR, but the Navy Slicer is still

a great boat to fly in a slugfest.

Advanced Frigates

Assault Ships


While lacking the ability to tackle, this little demon is ideal for ganking smaller

targets that are either being tackled by someone else or too focused on some other endeavor to realize that you're on a

killing spree. Best used as an anti-interceptor platform in fleet combat, or as an auxiliary damage platform for small



With Khanid Mk2, the Vengeance has been transformed into a deadly vessel. Able to field 4 rocket launchers, with a

5% bonus per Amarr Frigate skill level to rocket damage, having a wealth of resistance bonuses (15% to explosive

resistance and 10% to kinetic resistance per Amarr Frigate skill level, and 5% to all armor resistances per [[Assault

Ships (skill)|Assault Ships skill]] level), and topped off a 5% reduction per Assault Ships skill level to capacitor

recharge time, this ship can tackle with capacitor left over. Unfortunately, with its 4/3/4 slot distribution, Vengeance

pilots are forced to choose between damage and survivability set ups in the low slots. And as it is clearly meant to use

rockets for damage, it also finds itself lacking in range.

Covert Ops


The Anathema is an Amarr Covert Ops frigate. As any Covert Ops ship, its main strength lies in its ability to mount

the highly desirable Covert Ops Cloak module, allowing it to cloak and warp at the same time; which helps

greatly in getting around and in its main task of probing down exploration sites and safespotted ships. Having switched

from building on the Crucifier's hull to the Magnate's, the Anathema has undergone a cosmetic change since the

Empyrean Age patch but still retains its weaknesses, such as low base speed and firepower. However as a covert ops ship,

these should not be an issue as bringing it into combat is often a suicidal and extremely expensive mistake.


The Amarr stealth bomber. A good Purifier pilot will rarely get in a tackling situation. With a bonus to EM damage,

any ship with a badly reinforced shield tank or light on EM resistance will feel the pain of a cruise missile salvo

courtesy of a Purifier.

Electronic Attack Ships


The Sentinel is a ship that can kill interceptors with ease. With bonuses to energy neutralizer and [[energy

vampire]] range and amount and a significant drone bay, this little frigate can neutralize an interceptor's MWD

only to allow a set of Warrior II drones to finish it off. It also has decent tackling abilities, and a

significant powergrid for a ship of its class.



When fit correctly, the Crusader is the fastest ship in-game, barely inching out the Claw for that title (by only a

single meter per second – 10,567 m/s before implants and boosters). The bonuses that it gains from [[Amarr

Frigate]] and Interceptor skills greatly reduce both the capacitor consumed by its laser turrets

and its signature radius, which ultimately meshes well with its speed to make it an extremely difficult target to

hit. Although small turrets can hit a Crusader, provided they can hold a specific range (not likely), medium and large

guns basically are out of luck – but a webifier or two will change that very quickly, so be sure to stay further than

12 km (if you can).


With a 5% damage bonus per skill level to all rockets, this ship can save capacitor energy for what really counts – the

microwarpdrive. Speed is life for this ship, as pilots must out-fly missiles, and "fly under the guns" of [[tracking

computer]]-augmented gunboats if they wish to survive. With the changes to webifiers in Quantum Rise this ship has

become somewhat less vulnerable to them; but warp scramblers now pose a very serious threat.

Industrial Ships

The Amarr Industrial ships are the Bestower and the Sigil. They are both notable for only requiring rank I of the

Amarr Industrial skill to pilot.

Standard Industrial Ships


While somewhat slower than the Sigil, the Bestower is not as skill-intensive as the high cargo industrial ships of the

other races, only requiring the first level of Amarr Industrials to pilot.


The Sigil-class hauler is one of the fastest industrial ships in the game, thanks to a high base speed and five low-power


Advanced Industrial Ships

Transport Ships


The Impel is an Amarr Transport Ship.


The Prorator is an Amarr Transport Ship.

Amarr Shuttle

Shuttles are very common, disposable transportation ships. They have no fittable slots at all, but do travel extremely


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