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Angel Cartel faction ships

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The largest and most powerful of the outlaw factions, the Angel Cartel have secured their position in the galaxy largely through the pillaging and adoption of abandoned Jovian technologies. They operate mostly in Minmatar space, but can be found all across the galaxy.

Only frigate, cruiser, and battleship faction ships exist at this time. These ships are generally considerably better than Tech I ships, though not necessarily better than Tech II ships. However, they do not have nearly as high skill requirements as Tech II ships. Faction ships range from mildly rare to extremely rare, and usually cost as much as or considerably more than a Tech II ship of the same class.

Playable Ships


Dramiel: Despite only having two turret high slots the Dramiel can deliver a lot of damage with a 60% bonus to small projectile damage for pilots with the Minmatar Frigate skill at level five. Also mounts two mid slots and three lows.


Cynabal: The Cynabal is basically the fastest cruiser there is, even faster than the Vagabond, due to higher base speed and more numerous low slots. And it can use this ability, along with its inherent turret firing speed bonus, to swoop in and rain destruction with ease.


Machariel: The fastest battleship around with breath-taking tanking capabilities, the Machariel also recieves good bonuses to projectile turrets.

Deadspace Ships

Battlecruisers are known as Gistatis. Examples include:

Frigates are known as Gistii. Here are some examples:

Destroyers are known as Gistior.

Cruisers are known as Gistum.

Asteroid Belt Ships

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