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Armor tank

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Armor tanking is a style of play that emphasizes stacking armor on a ship and using modules, drones, or other ships to repair damage done to it. It may also include adding modules that increase the armor's resistance to certain kinds of damage types. It is the most commonly used in 0.0 PvP encounters.

Amarr and Gallente ships tend to be powerful armor tankers, although some Minmatar ships are good armor tankers as well. Caldari ships tend to be shield tankers. Any ship with 4+ low slots can be effective armor tanked ship and it's not unheard of armor tanking a Caldari Raven or Scorpion so that the mid slots can be used for 3x Sensor Boosters plus Stasis Webifiers and other fleet battle mods. Getting the first target lock can win the battle.

The following modules, all of which are installed in low slots, are often employed when armor tanking:

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