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Assembly Array

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Assembly Arrays enable construction of items at Player Owned Stations. This includes Capital Ship Components, Ammunition, Modules, and whole ships. Manufacturing at a player-owned station is generally faster (and thus cheaper) than at an NPC owned station, though it may require more materials.

Ship assembly arrays

Ship assembly arrays require appropriate Ship Maintenance Arrays with free storage space, within range of the assembling array. Advanced ship assembly arrays require 10% more materials than normal assembly arrays.

Capital Ship Assembly Array Allows capital ships to be built, including Titans and Motherships. Requires system sovereignty (read: 0.0 only).

X-Large Ship Assembly Array Allows manufacture of Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Freighters, and Capital Industrial Ships (Rorqual). System security must be 0.4 or lower.

Large Ship Assembly Array Allows manufacture of Battleships, Freighters and Industrial Command Ships (Orca).
Advanced Large Ship Assembly Array Allows manufacture of Black Ops ships, Jump Freighters, and Marauders.

Medium Ship Assembly Array Allows manufacture of Cruisers and Battlecruisers.
Advanced Medium Ship Assembly Array Allows T2 and T3 cruiser class ships such as Logistics Cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Recon Cruisers, Command Ships, and Strategic Cruisers to be manufactured.

Small Ship Assembly Array Allows manufacture of Frigates, Destroyers, and Fighter drones.
Advanced Small Ship Assembly Array Allows T2 frigate class ships such as Interceptors, Assault Frigates, Covert Ops Frigates, Stealth Bombers, and Interdictors

Module assembly arrays

Equipment Assembly Array Allows manufacture of modules at normal material costs, but at 0.75 time multiplier (compared to NPC manufacture). 6 slots.
Rapid Equipment Assembly Array Allows module manufacturing with at 0.65 time multiplier, but requiring 20% more resources. 5 slots.
Subsystem Assembly Array Allows manufacturing of Strategic Cruiser hulls and subsystems.

Miscellaneous assembly arrays

Ammunition Assembly Array Allows manufacture of Missiles, Projectile ammunition, Hybrid charges, and Frequency Crystals
Component Assembly Array Allows manufacture of capital ship components, tech 2 construction components, tech 2 advanced capital construction components, tools (R.A.M. and R.Db), and hybrid (tech 3) components.
Drone Assembly Array Allows manufacture of drones. Note: Fighters are built in Small Ship Assembly Arrays.

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