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"She's a strong woman, and she will go places I have never even approached. But she will not go there unsupported." - Itzak Barah

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Aura's icon

Aura is the name of the ship's computer used on all pod-fitted vessels. She runs the tutorials for new players, as well as being the voice that famously announces "Warp Drive Active", "Docking Request Accepted" and "Autopilot Engaged".

The ingame tutorials can be reached by clicking the Help menu item with Aura's face on it at the bottom of the Neocom panel on the left side of the screen.


An Eve Chronicle called Aura details the life of Excena Foer, the dancer, Mind Clash player, poet and public speaker who truly rose to fame after translating Itzak Barah's Cathedral of the Oceans from Amarrian to her native Gallente to become The Book of Hours. This earned her at the same time a Kaoli of protection under Ammarrian religious law, together with massive fame and demand as a public speaker, and also the ire of Ammarrian religious zealots who hatched a plot to destroy her voice and end her career. Late in life after being fitted with a voicebox and having re-adapted to speaking, she accepted the lucrative job of recording the voiceovers for the AI on capsuleer ships and cemented her immortality as the voice that we hear daily.

Behind the Scenes

The voice of Aura was recorded by Caroline Dalton, a British actress who lives in Iceland. Her resume can be seen here.

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