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Blue Print

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Generally abbreviated as "BP", Blue Prints lay the foundation for creating modules and ships to use or sell. Once a Blue Print is obtained, you are then able to create the specified item as long as you have the required materials; the production of one set of the product is known as a "run". Rare Blue Prints typically generate massive profit per unit of production.

There are two different types of Blue Prints available in the game: Blueprint Copies (BPC) and Blueprint Originals (BPO).


Blue Print Originals

Most BPOs for tech 1 items can be bought from NPC corporations. BPOs for tech 2 items are obtained from research agents of NPC research corporations, and can be bought or sold on market.

The tech 2 blue prints are very valuable, since you can't buy them off the market as with tech 1 blue prints and therefore just a small group of people have these blue prints of which they can produce tech 2 items. A tech 2 blue print can be a good money maker for the corporation.


  1. BPOs can be used an unlimited number of times.
  2. Players can profit by selling Blue Print Copies.
  3. With an original Blue Print the efficiency of minerals required and/or the production time required can be researched.


  1. BPOs are more expensive than BPCs.
  2. BPOs cannot be used (directly) in invention. (But you can make copies, which are.)

Blue Print Copies

A copy of a Blue Print (BPC) can be made from an Blue Print Original. A BPC will take on all of the research attributes of the BPO, thus a fully researched BPO makes more valuable BPCs.

For smaller items, such as Ammo and Missiles, the limit on BPC runs may be in excess of 1,000 while larger items, such as ships, the limit on BPC runs are typically 20 or less. For example: a Caldari Raven BPC can be used to make anywhere between 1 to 5 of the ship before being destroyed. A Caldari Raven BPO, however, can make an unlimited number of the ship.

Blue print copies are used in Invention. The process of destroys the copy, whether or not you succeed in making a Tech II BPC. Note that Materials and Time efficiency levels of the copy are irrelevant to the invented BPC.

Faction Blue Print Copies

This type of Blue Print usually has a limit of one run, or, rarely, a couple of runs, and is used in the production of a faction ship. These are normally obtained from either complexes or officer spawns found in belts.


  1. A BPC can be purchased for far less than the cost of the Blue Print Original.
  2. BPCs are used in invention.


  1. Unlike a BPO, BPCs can only be used a limited number of times.
  2. A BPC cannot be copied.
  3. A BPC cannot be researched.

Historical: Blueprint lottery

The blueprint lottery mentioned below has been eliminated and has been replaced with the invention system. In the invention system research points are used to purchase datacores only and are not tickets for tech 2 blueprints.

In the past, research points were like lottery tickets. So the more research points you had the bigger chance you had of getting some T2 BPO from your research agent. You got more research points for each mission if the skill that is necessary for doing missions was trained higher.

Now and then a "ticket" was drawn in your research category and someone won a tech 2 blue print.


  • EVE BPO Calc - is a online BPO / BPC Calculator including T1,T2,T3 and Caps

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