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Balancing the Books (3 of 10)

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Balancing the Books (3 of 10)
Mission: Balancing the Books
Mission Type: Tutorial
Agent Type: Event
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 1
Objective 1: Courier
Previous part: Balancing the Books (2 of 10)
Next part: Balancing the Books (4 of 10)

Mission lead-in

Caldari version
Ah, 'Name', thanks for coming back.
Any further news about the black box?
Mission briefing
Accept - I would be honored to undertake this task.
Good show
Minmatar version
Right. pilot name. Welcome back.
What news of the destroyed transport?
Mission briefing
Accept - I'm on my way.
Decline - Thanks, but no thanks.

Mission briefing

Minmatar verion

We still need to decrypt the contents of the box. There's a codebreaker I know whom we can definitely trust, but he lives in another station. Take the box to him at other station, will you?

Remember to put the black box in your cargohold before you set off.

Caldari version

We don't have the proper equipment here, but there's a station nearby where we can decrypt the contents of the black box you retrieved. Since you were the one who got the thing, it is only right that you be allowed to carry on with this, so take the box and transport it for me, please.

Remember to put the black box in your cargohold before you undock.

Overview and Objectives

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission.

Transport objective

Transport these goods:

  • Pickup Location: Agent's Station
  • Drop-off Location: Other station
  • Cargo: 1 Black Box (0.1 m3)



The civilian codebreaker will be needed for the next mission. Don't lose it. Survey is a prerequisite skill for operating a (non-civilian) salvager.

Mission Followup

Completion - The Black Box has been delivered, Agent.

Good, good. I'll have the data shortly, then. Come back in a bit, will you?

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