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With it's blinking red light, this beacon appears to be marking a point of interest, or perhaps a waypoint in a greater trail.

A Beacon is a simple navigation marker, used to mark a spatial location of some interest. There are several varieties of beacon.

Mission beacon
These are beacons found at the waypoint given to a pilot by an agent. They can be named or unnamed. They only show up on the overview at comparatively short distances.
Deadspace Complex beacon
These beacons are always named, and mark the location of a Deadspace Complex. They are visible throughout the system. They generally have a low DED rating. (Higher rated deadspace complexes have to be found by other means.)
Location beacon
There are various beacons visible throughout the known space, signifying various locations of interest. Some of them may contain special agents, others may seem empty but will activate to pilots carrying out certain missions. Examples:
All data centers are at location beacons
Many COSMOS and similar missions are at location beacons

List of beacons

This list is incomplete. See also: Category:Points of Interest

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