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Black Ops

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Black Ops Battleships are brand new Tech 2 Battleships introduced in the Trinity expansion. They receive a bonus to cloaked velocity, as well as having no targeting delay. They also have a Jump Drive which can only lock onto special Covert Cynosural Field Generators, something that Covert Ops Frigates and Recon Cruisers can now carry and use. Black Ops Battleships can also equip a special Covert Jump Portal Generator that only Covert Ops and Recon vessels can utilize.

Black Ops tend to have less turret and missile hard-points than their Tech 1 Battleship counterparts. Their Tech 2 resistance bonus is also very small compared to other Tech 2 ships. They may still use regular Stargates to jump around, and are the only ships that can detect Covert Cynosural Fields, including those of the enemy.

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Black Ops
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