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Blaster boat

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A Blaster Boat refers to a ship that uses blasters as it's primary method of damage. The most famous Blaster Boat is probably the Megathron, commonly referred to as a Blasterthron due to the popular fitting. The reason Blaster Boats are well liked is because blasters have the highest damage output of all the turrets. Although their range is very poor, a fully fitted Blaster Boat within range is truly a powerful ally or enemy.

In order to fit a Blaster Boat, you require a ship with high turret capacity, several high slots, and a common skill bonus to Hybrid Turret damage.

In practice, Gallente ships tend to be best suited to blasterboat configurations. While Caldari vessels can also use hybrids effectively, the Caldari tend to sacrifice some of their turret slots for launchers (where Gallente favor drones instead of missiles).

Aside from the aforementioned Megathron, a variety of ships are particularly suited to blaster combat, including the:

The most significant issue with blaster combat is use capacitor lifespan (stability typically being unattainable in a pitched battle). In order to reach effective range (ie point blank), a blasterboat must typically fit a microwarp drive, in addition to a sizable tank. Add to that blasters in every high slot and the result is a ship with bricks in its gloves and an anvil for a face but only until the power runs out.

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