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Bloodlines: The Achura

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The Achura


Achura has been part of the State for three centuries and joined and left the Federation at the same time as the State. Yet the Achur have always remained a mystery to others. Intensely spiritual the Achur are as reclusive and introvert as one can be and still partake in galatic affairs.

A typical Achura male
The Achura sigil
A typical Achura female


Female Achur are greatly sought after as teachers and mentors. Their intense interest in the metaphysical world give them great knowledge of everything from quantum physics to the human psyche. More importantly, it gives them the patience and modesty to look beyond their own petty interests, allowing them to truly relate to others.

The Achur male is reserved in deeds and manner and is a master of disguising his own thoughts and emotions. Never rash or impulsive, he likes to meditate on every decision of importance. Compassion is not alien to him, but his tendency to look at the bigger picture makes it easier for him to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term benefits.

Base Attributes:

The Achura have the following base attributes.

Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
8 3 7 6 6

Standard skills: Science, Research



Creativity is a prized attribute amongst the Achur, as inventions are considered spiritual rather than strictly scientific in nature. Only those in touch with themselves and the universe can 'tap' into the universal consciousness and return with novel ideas.

Achura Inventors
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
12 3 7 6 6

Extra skill: Science 2 You will never find a breed more skilled at training Navigation then the Inventors. They are also extremely skilled in training Science, Mechanics, Electronics and Engineering. Trade and advanced Trade are their weak points and you definately don't want to be in a corporation run by one; training skills in that department takes forever. They're great in a role as scientist, especially one that needs to fly around a lot (they are able to train Navigation skills faster then any other ancestry in the game) and needs to use a lot of modules. Could also be used as a very fast courier or agent runner (but you may have to put some extra time in their Social skills).


Thousands of monasteries are scattered around Saisio III, operated by dozens of different monastic orders. While each order has its own code of conduct regarding member behaviour, celibacy and other issues, they all agree on one thing; that only by perfecting the body can you perfect the soul.

Achura Monks
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
8 3 9 6 8

Extra skill: Navigation The monks are a breed of space-warriors, having good training time in Gunnery, Missile Launcher Operation and Spaceship Command. They are good at training Navigation skills and have sufficient attributes to train for the elite vessels available to various pilots quickly. They are horrible when it comes to learning advanced Trade, have high training time in Social skills and they aren't very good at Corporation Management skills either. They make good warriors that can get a lot more out of their ships then most combat pilots due to their finesse for navigation.


While the spiritualism execised by the Achur is not an organized religion in any sense, the Achura nation still holds seers and visionaries in high esteem. While the Achur are realistic enough not to attribute them with supernatural prophetic powers, these individuals are still regarded as possessing uncanny understanding of what makes the universe, and humans, tick.

Achura Stargazers
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
8 3 8 9 6

Extra skill: Engineering The Stargazers are amongst the best when it comes to training Industry, Drones and even Learning skills. Their skill at training Electronics, Mechanics, Engineering and even Science is almost as high. They are also good at getting the needed skillpoints in Navigation quickly and aren't bad at skills involving ships, guns and missle launchers either. As with most Achura, their Social skills take more time to train, and they make lousy traders and leaders. Stargazers are best used building and researching a multitude of ships and modules, but can also put up a fight if they are provoked.

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