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Bookmarks are positions in a solar system. They allow a player to warp to a location in the current system that is not a major astronomical feature (such as a sun, planet, stargate or asteroid belt); in other words, they allow player to warp to an empty space that doesn't have to be near anything of importance. Making bookmarks is an essential skill for survival in low-sec and 0.0.


Bookmarks were often used for instas (now obsolete), but are still often used.

One use of for Agent missions. A bookmark of the mission would be made, after the mission was completed. The mission would then be turned in and then the player with the bookmark would know where all the loot or more importantly, wrecks are. This is useful because of the time bonus, prevents a player having to salvage before turning in a mission.

Another popular type of a bookmark is a safe spot.

Players who own Player Owned Stations will sometimes give a bookmark to their corporation members so that they can warp directly into the shields instead of having to travel a long distance to get inside the shields. They give the bookmark through the bookmark trading method.

Bookmark trading

Bookmark trading is simply a way of transferring a bookmark from one player to another.

Both players will need to be docked to actually do the trade. The player with the bookmark will go to his People and Places tab located on the left hand side of the screen. After opening it up the player will go to the 'Places' section and search for the bookmark he wants to trade.

Detailed how to: It's easy, have your people and places window open, make sure you have clicked the tab places. Find the bookmark/s you want to share and click it once to highlight it, push down the keyboard key shift and hold it down, left click the bookmark and hold down the mouse button. Now drag it to either, your personal hangar, your cargo bay or the corp. hangar. Just make sure the surface you drag it to is empty, then let go. You should now see an exact same bookmark labeled the same way where you dropped it.

The player will then drag and drop the bookmark into his item hanger. The bookmark will then appear as an item (with a symbol similar to a piece of paper) and just like any trade the bookmark would be transfered over to the other player.

The player who received the bookmark simply has to do the reverse once the trade is complete; drag and drop the bookmark item into his people and places.

Detailed how-to: If you're the one that wants to import a bookmark, just left click it, hold down, drag it to your personal hangar or cargo bay (you can only import a bookmark from one of those places). Then make sure your people and places window is open, hit the tab places, now drag the bookmark from your cargo bay or your personal hangar to your places window. Same thing there make sure you drop it in an empty area other wise the bookmark will not import.


Tip 1: Organizing bookmarks. Create folders in your people and places window to organize your bookmarks. For example, if you have a lot of bookmarks for Ellmay mining fields create a folder and name it Ellmay Mining fields. Then move your Ellmay mining bookmarks to that folder. Yes it's a little work, but on the other hand, it's a few minutes work to keep your bookmarks in order and you will be thankful for it in the future when you have a few hundred bookmarks and are wondering what the hell bookmark number 21 named blabla does.

Tip 2: Bookmark security. Remember, bookmarks are often something important, made by either you or some one in your corporation. You don't want to share them with others, don't have them lying around in a floating container in space or in your cargo bay. Why not? Because say you're mining in low sec or traveling in low sec using bookmarks. Let's say you've made copies for a friend but haven't handed them over yet, or you just joined up in the mining operation and just got the bookmarks from a friend and have them in your cargo bay. Then a pirate shows up, he blows up your ship and finds the bookmark in the debris. The pirate now has a way to direct warp to the group who is mining if he comes back later, or if it's a safe spot bookmark (safe spot is a place in space where you make a bookmark so no one else can reach you) he can now then warp to that safe spot and if the others are there waiting for the pirate to leave, well you can imagine the rest. Don't travel around with bookmarks in your cargo bay, don't have them lying in a jettison cargo container for some one else to pick up.

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