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Bottleneck Systems

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Terms: Bottleneck systems

A solar system in EVE Online can be connected to any number of its neighbors. While usually many of the systems have multiple gates (and thus connections) several systems posses only two gates, limiting paths players can take to move through the game universe. In Empire controlled space these choke points make for great opportunity for warring factions and/or pirates (if in low sec) to set up a gate camp in order to control the enemy movements or simply kill traders and travelers for profit (if in low sec). In 0.0, these bottleneck systems are usually found at barriers between other 0.0 regions or Empire controlled space. These choke points provide means for Alliances to restrict movement in and out of region by allowing them to mount a centralized defense. On the other hand, a hostile force needs only to set up a gate camp in a bottleneck system if they wish to harass all traffic going in or out of the region (this is often done on the bottleneck system leading to Empire space).

Because of introduction of Interdictors and Heavy Interdictors such gate camps are extremely effective. One or two ships of this type can usually cover the area immediate to the gate where player ships will spawn once they jump into the system. Escape is made then impossible unless the ship manages to leave the interdiction field before being destroyed and does not become warp scrambled by a ship with focused warp jamming module eg. Warp Scrambler I. Hictors and Dictors will also stop ships warping to the camped gate if placed at distance from the target gate, while in line with the far stargate. These ships will be pulled out of warp in warp disruptor's vicinity. Finally because of their nature these ships cannot be countered with use of Warp Core Stabilizer modules. Gate camps employing less sophisticated forms of warp disruption (regular ships fitted with focused warp jammers) will be easier to avoid for fast ships.

It is a good idea to check the star map for pod kills and ship kills in last hour before entering a choke point in order to avoid being trapped in a hostile gate camp

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