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EVE-Online has many reproducible bugs, and this will be a database for them. This is mainly to counter the devs seeming indifference to many bugreports, and their failure to put things up on 'known issues' until they've made a fix. As the line between bug and new feature is somewhat blurry, this page will use a rating system.

Rated 1-10 for: Importance / Obviousness as a bug / Scope

Bugs that are system-dependent do not belong here, only things that are reproducible on all clients. Technical/connection/hardware related bugs are of a short enough term - either they get fixed or you stop paying for a game that doesn't work - that there's no point in having a long term group repository.

If you want to comment, add a point below the feature

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If you want to add more, follow the format.

  • Trade item disappearing bug: If you have the trade window up, and the other person cancels the trade as you put in your items, if timed just before the trade window disappear, your items will be gone... Not in your hangar, not in his... nowhere. Just gone. You can try to petition for the items back though.
  • Modules fitted by using a ship maintenance array at a POS might fail to work. A typical example is that a missile launcher fails to launch missiles, giving an error message saying it is empty when it is not. To make the modules work again you need a session change (dock at a normal station or jump to an other system).
  • When you swap ships at a ship maintenance array, other people see your ship type instead of your character name in their overview. To make the overview display correctly, you need a session change (dock at a normal station or jump to an other system).
  • When changing ship or leaving it, the "Items" and "Ships" tabs become empty, with nothing showing up in either. (This bug seems to have many triggers, but consistently, it relies on you being docked and that you have the General Option "Merge Ships and Items to station services" checked.Sometimes the Items and Ships disappear if you accept a fleet invite.)

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