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CCP hf (or Crowd Control Productions) is a video game developer, their headquarters are located in Reykjavík, Iceland. CCP Games also has subsidiary offices in Slough (Berkshire), United Kingdom; Atlanta, USA and Shanghai, China.



It was founded in June 1997 by Reynir Harðarson, Thorolfur Beck and Ívar Kristjánsson for the purpose of making MMORPGs. The first two years were spent on pre-production of EVE Online and the creation of the board game Hættuspil. In April 2000 the company raised $2.6 million, through a closed offering organized by Kaupthing Bank, from private investors in Iceland, including the Icelandic Telco Siminn. Approximately half of the initial 21 staff were drawn from the Icelandic dotcom company OZ Communications.

It currently has one video game product, the MMORPG EVE Online, originally published by Simon & Schuster, Inc. in May 2003. Later CCP hf re-acquired the rights to publish EVE Online after Simon & Schuster Interactive ceased trading. Development continues in a regular free expansion release schedule. Magnús Bergsson (CMO) has stated that EVE will not be the only game to come out of CCP.

To quote their website:

[CCP] was created on a strong vision of creating online games which focus on maximising player interaction and on utilising the new, unexplored possibilities created by having thousands of players interacting in the same game world.

CCP has also made one board game, Hættuspil, only available in Iceland. It was published in part to finance the development of EVE Online.


On November 11 2006, White Wolf and CCP Games jointly announced a merger between the two companies during the keynote address at the EVE Online Fanfest 2006. White Wolf will become an Wholly-owned independent subsidiary of CCP hf, with Hilmar Veigar Pétursson remaining as the CEO, and Mike Tinney remaining as President of White Wolf | CCP North America.

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