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Can Flipping

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Can Flipping is the practice of removing the contents of someone else's Jettisoned Container ('Jet Can') and creating one's own container, often with the same contents.

This practice comes about through the combination of several factors:

  • A tactic for miners is to jettison mined ore and continue placing ore in that (temporary) container, to be picked up later by a ship with a larger cargo capacity (but not as speedy mining ability).
  • Taking the contents of a Jet Can flags the person taking it with an Aggression countdown. During that period, the owner of the can can fire upon the offender without invoking a CONCORD or security rating penalty.
  • Jet Cans typically aren't named. The first opportunity you have to discover the owner is by trying to take the contents.
    • Thus, when the unobservant (or gullible) miner takes the contents of the flipper's can, he becomes flagged and therefore 'fair game' for the flipper.
    • Hovering your pointer over the can will show the corp tag.
    • When hauling cans in a possible flip situation, have the hauler use a tractor beam to pull cans over. You cannot tractor cans that you don't own, thus you can't accidently loot the flippers can.

Flipping is most prevalent in high sec public belts. If you mine mission belts or scanned belts, you have much less of this kind of thing. This is basically because the flipper is looking to get ore with very little actual effort (at the moment. they have worked on training, ships prior to the session, to be successful at it). If you increase the effort needed, then they will choose someone else to flip. Also, changing belts or systems does the same thing to varying degrees.

This is also a common baiting technique. The victim (one who actually did the mining) will sometimes shoot at the flipper, which flags them as agressive to the flippers entire corp, which in the bait plan, frequently has cloaked ships in the belt or other ships in system which can warp in etc.

Expensive ships can be lost via this method.

As Duelling

Often, players wishing to duel will flip each other's cans. This will allow each player to aggress each other, but not allow them to bring in their entire gang (should one exist).

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