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Capacitor Flux Coil

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A low slot module, the Capacitor Flux Coil will increase your capacitor recharge rate by 25-30%, but will reduce your capacitor's maximum capacity by 15%.

There is no stacking penalty.


Advantage of the coil

The 15% penalty to maximum capacity reduces the advantage given by the Capacitor Flux coil because capacitor recharge calculations are based in part on the difference between the current Energy level and the maximum Energy level. And with the coil, the maximum level is lower.

So, at any given point, how FAST it recharges will be increased. But you won't get 30% more energy recharge, you'll get something more like 30% * 0.85 = about 25%. (Maximum capacity = 1 - .15 = .85 of original value.)

Faster recharge is good. A ship can only be drained to zero energy. So if you're going to be drained of it all anyway, you're better off if you get it back faster.

Disadvantage of the coil

There's no stacking penalty to this module, but it carries its own disadvantages: a smaller maximum capacity. Because you have much better energy regeneration, and because energy regenerates faster the closer your capacitor is to being empty, stable operation of your ship should most often be acceptable.

A disadvantage less obvious than the limited capacity comes when you try to operate modules with a fixed Energy activation cost that is a large portion of your maximum level.

For example, take a module requiring 100 energy to activate:

  • without the coil, your ship has a maximum of 120 energy. You can activate it when your capacitor is at 83%.
  • with the coil, your ship has a maximum of 102 energy. You can only activate it when your capacitor is at least 98% full.

Energy regeneration is very slow past 95%. And 25% of a small amount is still a small amount.

Worse, if you are operating other items, it is entirely possible that your energy regeneration would even out below the level required to activate the module.


Name Meta Level Cap Rate Bonus Cap Bonus CPU Usage
Tech I Capacitor Flux Coil I n/a 21% -10% 20 tf
Type-D Power Core Modification 1 22% -10% 19 tf
Local Power Plant Manager 2 23% -10% 18 tf
Mark I Generator Refitting 3 24% -10% 17 tf
Beta Reactor Control 4 25 % -10% 16 tf
Tech II Capacitor Flux Coil II 5 26% -10% 22 tf

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