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Cargo Container

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A Cargo Container, in this context, is a celestial object that holds other items. There are several varieties of this type of object.

With a few exceptions, a cargo container lasts only a short time in space unless it is Anchored.



  • Mass: 10,000 kg
  • Volume: 27,500 m3
  • Capacity: 27,500 m3

Varieties and sources

All of these cargo containers last only a short time, perhaps an hour.

  • Jettisoning cargo creates a Cargo Container.
  • Salvaging a wreck that contains cargo will create a Cargo Container. (Prior to the advent of salvaging, destroying a ship created the cargo container directly.)
  • Destroying a structure in space may create a Cargo Container.

The duration of these containers needs further research:

  • A Cargo Container may be spawned (created by the game out of nothing) at a mission site, containing a mission-related object.
  • Similarly, destroying particular ships during a mission may create a Cargo Container that contains a mission object. This depends upon the mission.
  • Deadspace Complexes often have varieties of cargo containers that apparently last some time. These often contain equipment of superior quality. Particular reward containers may appear with a red icon (instead of the usual white or yellow) to draw attention to them.

Players can Anchor standard and secure containers in space. Once anchored, these items will remain in place for some considerable time.

Access to the container

Access to the contents of a Cargo Container requires that your ship be within 2,500 meters of the container.

The vast majority of NPC containers can be freely accessed, with no special actions required. The vast majority of player-character containers (apart from jet cans), require a password to access. The ones that don't are swiftly swept up by thieves, ensuring that the ones that remain are predominantly password-secured.

Containers spawned by missions or Deadspace Complexes may require the use of an Analyzer (requiring Archaeology skill) or Codebreaker (requiring Hacking skill) before they allow access to their contents.

Other uses

Some player run corporations will jettison a can and then name it so it has a message, this is commonly used for recruiting people into their corporations, or attempts at keeping other players or corporations away. they will generally place these message cans at high traffic areas such as a stargate or a station.

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