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The Carrier was never intended to be a solo OMGWTF mission-farming PWNmobile. - Kieron, Community Manager for EVE online

The Carrier class

The powerful Carrier-class of capital ship encompasses eight of the largest ships currently available to pod-pilots. Carrier-class vessels are designed to provide the ultimate in fleet-support and corporate logistics as well as packing the firepower to turn the tide of battle in your favour. They are capable of supporting Warfare Link modules and Capital remote logistics modules to strengthen your fleet's defense, while their armada of powerful Fighter drones aid in removing the enemy from the equation.

The Carrier class consists of two ships for each race. First of all we have the 'standard' Carrier; these are simply referred to as Carriers and have become a fairly common sight throughout the Eve universe. Secondly we have what are referred to as 'Motherships'. Do not be fooled into thinking that a Mothership is simply a 'tier 2' Carrier. While they do share similar designs and characteristics to the standard carrier, they also differ in a few important aspects. Motherships are unable to dock in stations, are immune to all forms of electronic warfare, are able to launch many more fighters than a Carrier can and has enhanced logistics capabilities.

Important Features

Corporate Hangars & Ship Maintenance Bay

Carriers are an invaluable tool for any 0.0 based Corporation mainly because of their logistics capability. Being of the Capital Class they use Jump Drives for inter-system travel, allowing them to cover great distances instantly and avoiding the often hazardous use of the Stargate network. They are fitted with special Corporate Hangar Arrays and Ship Maintenance Bays which allow both the Carrier pilot and members of his Corporation to store ships and items within the Carrier. This capability is often used to transport important ships and materials from Empire space to a corporation’s base of operation in 0.0 space without the risk of moving them through the stargate network.

Drone Capabilities

The only real offensive weapon available to a Carrier pilot is a vast armada of Drones. Carriers receive bonuses per level of the racial carrier skill to the number of drones they are able to simultaneously control (+1 per level on a Carriers; +3 per level on a Mothership). The also have the unique ability to fit Drone Control Units, a high-slot module that allows the control of one extra drone per unit. They require the Advanced Drone Interfacing skill which allows the carrier pilot to utilize one extra Drone Control Unit for every level of the skill.

This means that the maximum amount of drones a Carrier can control is:

5 (Drones lvl 5) + 5 (Carrier lvl 5 (+1 per level)) + 5 (5 Drone Control Units fitted)

Total: 15 Drones.

The maximum amount of drones a Mothership can control is:

5 (Drones lvl 5) + 15 (Carrier lvl 5 (+3 per level)) + 5 (5 Drone Control Units fitted)

Total: 25 Drones.

Fighter Drones

Carriers are the only ship class capable of carrying and launching Fighter drones. These differ from standard drones as they are in fact small single-pilot vessels and are capable of several things standard drones are unable to do. An important feature of Fighters is that the Carrier pilot is able to delegate control of his Fighters to members of his gang. Anybody who is a member of the Carrier pilots gang is able to be delegated as many Fighters as his or her level of the ‘Drones’ skill allows (up to 5 with Drones lvl 5). Another important feature of Fighters is that they are equipped with a warp-drive. This means they can follow their controller in warp, and even chase down a target they have been ordered to attack if the target warps off.

A carrier pilot can, if he wishes, launch a mix of standard drones and Fighters, up to his maximum drone control limit.

Capital Remote Logistics

Carriers are able to fit and have bonuses to various Capital Remote Logistics modules. Each racial Carrier has a bonus to two of the three different types of logistics module (see each carrier’s description for more details). The three types currently available are:

  • Capital Remote Armor Repairer
  • Capital Shield Transporter
  • Capital Energy Transfer Array

These modules provide massive amounts of Armor, Shield or Capacitor energy to help keep your gang-mates alive under fire.

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Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
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