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Each race in EVE is composed of several major bloodlines that a player can choose for their character. At the moment bloodlines serve for little but cosmetic purposes with their widely varying physical characteristics. The Blood patch added a new bloodline to each of the four races. Prior to the Apocrypha expansion, bloodlines and profession defined the starting value of attributes, which could then be slightly adjusted by player. By now, all attributes start at 20 points (19 for Charisma).

The available Bloodlines are:

Amarr: True Amarr, Khanid and Ni-Kunni (added in Blood patch)
Caldari: Deteis, Civire and Achura (added in Blood patch)
Gallente: Gallente, Intaki and Jin-Mein (added in Blood patch)
Minmatar: Brutor, Sebiestor and Vherokior (added in Blood patch)

Two Jovian bloodlines are also known, but unavaulable to Players: the Modifiers and the Statics

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