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Category:Fraud and Exploits

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EVE is a "Caveat Emptor" PvP environment, with both heroes and villains. And yes, the villains will do whatever they can to cause you grief, steal your money, and/or kill you.

Because they can.

Some of this behavior is approved by CCP: blockading a warp gate (or system), blowing other ships out of the aether, or simply annoying people by asking for money.

Some is classed as an 'Exploit' of game behavior, unintended by the designers. Doing these acts can get your account banned. Reporting this behavior is generally approved by the community.

And some is simply 'social engineering' ... fraud, scams, you name it. Getting someone to trust you, then betraying that trust happens as much in EVE as in the real world.

This category is intended to lay out these behaviors. Exploits are described here either for historical purposes (the game behavior allowing them having been altered), or to make people aware of them in order to avoid them.

Note that, as described above, not all bad behavior is an exploit.

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