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The Sansha Spies

Mission briefing Agents working for Sansha's Nation recently managed to infiltrate one of our outposts in a nearby system. We have reliable information that they did manage to find classified information about our various operations in the area. Fortunately one of the officers at the outpost managed to slip a tracking device into one of their ships before they escaped. We know they are located in Saana at this very moment. I would like you to fly over there and ambush them immediately. Return to me once their ships have been turned to dust. But be careful, they are armed and dangerous.

To receive the bonus, complete within 1 hr 40 mins

Overview and Objectives The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:

Objective Eliminate Sansha's Spies and their guards. :

Deadspace Entrance - nothing Deadspace Room 1 - 6 centi servant (frig) 2 sansha's spy (frig) 2 tower sentry sansha I

no loot from structures

Angel Cartel Blockade L2

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