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Celtic Anarchy

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Corp Name: Celtic Anarchy
Corp Tag: [K.O.S]
CEO: Sky Fox
Alliance: Anarchy Empire


Celtic Anarchy is a PVP corp known for manlove and fast ships


After the end of Force of Evil, the megacorp of Celtic Industries [CELTS] split into two main factions - PVP and Industry, the PVP pilots formed Celtic Anarchy under the leadership of Sky Fox, whilst the industrialists remained in CELTS to pursue more asteroid based activities. Celtic Anarchy soon returned to its old stomping grounds of Vale, Geminate and Tribute causing havoc wherever possible. Excursions into other northern reaches of the map were to follow raiding around Pure Blind, Fade and Deklein.

Answering a call of help made by Team Americas [YANKS] Celtic Anarchy moved to Syndicate. With other friends in the region it was decided to merge into one alliance. Anarchy Empire was born.

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