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Cloning is the technology that makes New Eden's Pod Pilots immortal. It consists of two main technologies, one that allows an exact physical copy of an individuals body to be grown, faster than the original and then held dormant until it's needed, together with the technology that can download a person's memories into a blank brain. Unlike almost any other strata of society Capsuleers have full access to cloning technology, not only this but they are all entitled to a free medical clone, which ensures that they can cheat death out in the dark, dangerous expanses of space.

There are two types of clones commonly available to capsuleers, medical clones and jump clones.

Medical Clones

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Every capsuleer is granted a free medical clone at the completion of his training, this will be held dormant in the medical center of his school until it's needed, and replaced free if it's ever used.

If the capsuleer is unfortunate enough to be killed whilst he's in his escape pod (known as podding) his consciousness at that moment will be sent back to the medical center where it can be recorded into his mind ready for the new copy of his body to be activated. If all is working correctly he will barely notice that anything bad has happened when he wakes up in the medical center in a brand new body.

The basic clone offered free only has a limited memory capacity, if pilots wish to ensure that nothing is lost when they die, they have the option to pay to upgrade the free clone to a better model that will ensure all of their memories and training remain intact.

For this reason it is advisable that pilots regularly check their total skillpoints and ensure that their medical clone is of a high enough grade to take all of their experiences, it can be very galling to wake up and find out that you've forgotten how to fly the ship that you were piloting only moments before and need to spend time re-training. It can also save time and trouble if you move your medical clone to a closer station if you migrate to another Region than the one that you completed your initial training in.

Medical Clone Grades

Medical Clones are produced from biomass. Any type of biomass can be used, the best being human cadavers, but animal carcasses or organic soups can be used to save money. Using lower grade material requires more work to shape into a replica of the capsuleer and will not provide the same memory retention as higher grade clones, which may result in skillpoint loss.

Clone Grade Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu
Skill Points
0.9 1.38 2.05 2.8 3.75 4.8 6.1 7.75 9.8 12.4 15.7 20
ISK Cost - 40K 65K 95K 130K 180K 250K 335K 470K 650K 930K 1340K
Clone Grade Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega
Skill Points
25.6 32.8 42.2 54.6 71 92.5 120 156 203 264 343 450
ISK Cost 1980K 2990K 4700K 7800K 13M 20M 30M 45M 65M 90M 120M 150M

Jump Clones

Main article: Jump clone

Jump clones allow a pilot to store a non-emergency clone in a different part of the galaxy and instantly jump his mind from his current body into a clone stored on the far side of the universe. Unlike medical clones, these can be activated in non-emergency situations and have no limits to their capacity. Also, unlike medical clones, they are not provided free and require specialised training, as well as high standings with the required corporation to use. See also Guide:Jump Clones.

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