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Colelie (0.51)
Region: Sinq Laison
Constellation: Algintal
Sovereignty: Gallente Federation
Planets: 10
Moons: 14
Belts: 6
Stations: 0
Stargates: 2
Colelie is a system in the COSMOS constellation of Algintal.




  • **None**

Mining Prospects

Notable locations

See also: Algintal COSMOS

Survey Station

Main article: Survey Station

The Survey Station serves as a Wiyrkomi outpost for its engineers and surveyors planning the development of their power station in Colelie. Ever since the Wiyrkomi Corporation bought the lease on the Azure Canyon the populace here has been growing. But the inability to drive the Serpentis out of the Azure Canyon deadspace pocket as well as constant harrassment by protesters has seriously lowered morale within the complex. Rumor has it that Caldari agents are offering large sums of credits to mercenaries willing to put their lives on the line in defense of the Wiyrkomi project.

COSMOS agents
Aakeo Oshaima (Caldari State) from Wiyrkomi Corporation (Administration/Level 2/Quality 0/COSMOS)
Schabs Xalot (Gallente Federation) from Roden Shipyards (Manufacturing/Level 3/Quality 0/COSMOS)

Azure Canyon

Main article: Azure Canyon

This deadspace area contains the famous Colelie natural phenomenon, a giant canyon carved into a massive rare type of asteroid which locals refer to as the Azure Stone. Over the last decade it has attracted millions of visitors annually, not only nature lovers interested in the Azure Stone but also those galactic citizens who wish to relax in one of the massive luxury resorts built by Impetus in the tourist quarter.

COSMOS agents
Ampsin Achippon (Gallente Federation) from Combined Harvest (Astrosurveying/Level 4/Quality 0/COSMOS)

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