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Command Ships

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Advanced Battlecruiser variants, these mighty ships can not only hold their own in a fight, but also oversee the operation of all the other ships in their gang.

Through complex interfacing and communication protocols, these flagships can greatly improve the attributes of other ships via the use of Warfare Link Modules, making them an invaluable asset in any task force.

Command Ships are a Tech II class of ship, and have significant manufacture and training requirements, compared to their Tech I counterparts. (See Battlecruisers) The Command Ship class is actually split in two sub-classes, Field Command Ships, focused in damage dealing, and Fleet Command Ships, specializing in the use of Warfare Link Modules.


Field Command Ships

There are four ships in this sub-class, the Amarr Absolution, the Caldari Nighthawk, the Gallente Astarte and the Minmatar Sleipnir. Field Command Ships are expected to be at the front line of combat, so, besides being able to fit heavy tanks, they are also capable of delivering great amounts of damage to the enemy. Also, as any of the Battlecruiser-hull ships, they can fit Warfare Link Modules, though they rarely do this, leaving this role to the Fleet Command Ships.


Based on the Prophecy hull, the Absolution uses the standard Amarr weapons, lasers. Being an armor tanker, its low slots are plenty enough to allow for a nice-sized buffer tank while leaving some space for damage modules. The end result is a ship that will last long and will be able to deliver lots of damage. It has only three mid slots, usually fit up with a speed module, a warp disrupting module and a capacitor booster.


Based on the Ferox hull, the Nighthawk is a versatile ship. Besides being a good PvP vessel, it also shines in missions, where it can put its good tank and nice damage to use. It is usually setup as a passive shield tanker for missions and with a shield buffer for PvP. One of its bonuses is to missile explosion velocity, which helps hitting small, fast targets. Equipped with T2 Precision Heavy Missiles, it a very dangerous opponent to frigate-sized attackers.


Based on the Brutix hull, the Astarte fills approximately the same role, that of huge damage dealer. The tank acchievable with this ship falls quite short compared to the other Command Ships, but its damage potential is unsurpassable. Equipped with seven medium blasters and some damage modules, it is probably the highest damaging ship smaller than a battleship (and will easily outdamage many of these).


Based on the Cyclone hull, the Sleipnir is quite fast, as most Minmatar ships. It is troubled, though, by its role as an active shield tanker, which forces the pilot to choose between tackling and tanking ability in PvP, both of which depend on its 5 mid slots.

Fleet Command Ships

There are four ships in this sub-class, the Amarr Damnation, the Caldari Vulture, the Gallente Eos and the Minmatar Claymore. Fleet Command Ships are expected to be at some distance to the front line, and most have bonuses enabling that to do so or to take a sniping role. Their main characteristic massive tank they can display. Also, they are the only non-capital ship able to activate more than one Warfare Link Module at the same time. Each of them gets a special bonus to one of the main types of Warfare Link Modules.

They are based on the same hull type as the Field Command Ships.


The Damnation is capable of sporting an impressive buffer armor tank, as it receives a bonus to armor hit points and to armor resistances. Its main weapon system are missiles, usually fitting Heavy Assault Missile Launchers or Heavy Missile Launchers. Its bonus, though, is for range, so the damage output is not very big.

It is specialized in Armored Warfare Link Modules, getting a bonus to their effectiveness. That enhances even more its already impressive tank.


The Vulture is possibly the toughest of all battlecruiser-sized ships, being able to sport a very good passive shield tank. Its main weapon system are hybrid guns which, coupled with its twin bonuses for range, allows it to act as a sniping ship. Fit with blasters, on the other hand, it can deal a surprising ammount of damage for a ship of this sub-class.

It is specialized in Siege Warfare Link Modules, getting a bonus to their effectiveness. That enhances even more its already impressive tank.


The Eos suffers the same problem as the Myrmidon: it is a drone ship, but has limited drone bandwidth, which prevents it from field five large drones. As with its Astarte brother, the tank is inferior to the other ships of the class, but it cannot compensate with damage output as the Astarte does. It is possibly the least used of all the Command Ships.

It is specialized in Information Warfare Link Modules, getting a bonus to their effectiveness. As this type of module enhances other ships Electronic Warfare effects, they do have a role in fleet actions when there is a squad of ECM ships.


The Claymore is intended to enhance Minmatar ships' biggest strenght: speed. With the correct setup of Skirmish Warfare Link Modules, the Claymore can make its companions harder to track and to hit, also improving the range of warp disrupting modules. A gang of fast Minmatar ships was used at one of the rounds of the Seventh Alliace Tournament by the winners, Pandemic Legion, in an impressive display of skill and synergy between ships.

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