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Concerned Citizens (1/3) Store Credit

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Concerned Citizens (1 of 3)
Store Credit
Mission: Concerned Citizens
Mission Type: COSMOS
Agent Type: unknown
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 1
Objective 1: Courier
Enemy 1: deadline
Steps: 1
Next part: Lost Stash


Pattok Nortul (Thukker Tribe) from Trust Partners (Distribution/Level 1/Quality 0/Event)

Mission briefing

Welcome to the Nickel & Dime Store, pilot. It is a humble little shop owned and operated by the Thukker Tribe, catering to the needy souls in this beautiful constellation. Hm, something tells me you can be of some assistance to us ― perhaps you've worked for the Thukkers in the past?

Let's see if you've got what it takes to help our fledgling business grow. I have a small task for you: nothing complicated or risky, but it should let me gauge your talents. Deliver a few crates of goods to a nearby station for me. The rewards are modest, since this is such an easy task, but it's only the start.

Overview and Objectives

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:



The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:

  • 20k isk
  • 50k isk within 20 minutes.



  • Needs 800 m3 to take mission.
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