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Control Tower

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The Control Tower (or CT for short) is the central and defining structure of any Player Owned Station (or POS). No other POS structure can operate unless the Control Tower is online. The tower is used to Anchor structures around it, to provide power and control (CPU) to them, and and to manage their operation. The tower also emits a shield that defends the components (and anything parked within the shield).

Gallente Towers


Types of Control Tower

There are four racial types of Control Towers, (along with many pirate faction towers). Each control tower has its own unique racial bonuses and fitting capabilities. Each of the racial types consumes a certain element harvested from region-specific ice. While installing a foreign Tower is possible, it will be more difficult to supply.

Racial differences of large towers
Minmatar Caldari Amarr Gallente
Powergrid 4,375,000 2,750,000 5,000,000 3,750,000
CPU 6,000 7,500 5,500 6,750
Shield 45mil 50mil 40mil 35mil
Shield resistances" EM, Thermal Thermal, Kinetic Explosive, Kinetic Kinetic, Thermal
Armor 6mil 4mil 10mil 8mil
Fuel Isotopes Hydrogen Nitrogen Helium Oxygen

Racial bonuses

  • 50% bonus to Projectile Sentry Optimal Range
  • 50% bonus to Projectile Sentry Fall Off Range
  • 25% bonus to Projectile Sentry RoF
  • 25% bonus to Missile Battery Rate of Fire
  • 50% bonus to Missile Velocity
  • -75% bonus to ECM Jammer Battery Target Cycling Speed
  • 50% bonus to Energy Sentry Optimal Range
  • 25% bonus to Energy Sentry Damage
  • 50% bonus to Silo Cargo Capacity
  • 25% bonus to Hybrid Sentry Damage
  • 100% bonus to Silo Cargo Capacity

Sizes of Control Tower

Control towers also come in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. Large control towers have the most shields, Power Grid, and CPU capacity but use the most fuel. Medium control towers use 1/2 of the fuel that the large towers do but have correspondingly less shields, Power Grid and CPU. Likewise, small control towers use 1/4 the fuel of a large tower but again has even less shield, Power Grid and CPU.

Size differences of towers (using the Gallente for an example)
Large Medium Small
full 1/2 large 1/4 large
Powergrid 3,750,000 1,875,000 937,500
CPU 6,750 3,375 1,688
Shield 35 mil 17.5 mil 8.75 mil
Shield radius 30 km 21 km 15 km
Armor 8 mil 4 mil 2 mil
Capacity 110,000 55,000 27,500
Mass 1 mil 1 mil 1 mil
Volume 8,000 4,000 2,000
anchoring and positioning
anchoring delay 30 min 15 min 7.5 min
onlining delay same as above
unanchoring delay 2 hours 1 hour 30 min
max structure distance 50 km 41 km 35 km
Cost 400 mil 200 mil 100 mil

Generally you should use the smallest control tower that meets your needs, and even then it's often more desirable to run multiple small towers instead of a single medium or large. Although administrating multiple towers is more complicated, concentrating assets at a single tower simply makes it a more attractive target. Large towers for example are typically only used for capital ship hardware, with the tower's extra capacity completely devoted to shield hardeners.

Individual Control Towers

Race Large Medium Small Variation
Amarr Amarr Amarr Control Tower Amarr Control Tower Medium Amarr Control Tower Small -
Blood Blood Control Tower Blood Control Tower Medium Blood Control Tower Small A
Sansha Sansha Control Tower Sansha Control Tower Medium Sansha Control Tower Small A
Dark Blood Dark Blood Control Tower Dark Blood Control Tower Medium Dark Blood Control Tower Small B
True Sansha True Sansha Control Tower True Sansha Control Tower Medium True Sansha Control Tower Small B
Caldari Caldari Caldari Control Tower Caldari Control Tower Medium Caldari Control Tower Small -
Guristas Guristas Control Tower Guristas Control Tower Medium Guristas Control Tower Small A
Dread Guristas Dread Guristas Control Tower Dread Guristas Control Tower Medium Dread Guristas Control Tower Small B
Gallente Gallente Gallente Control Tower Gallente Control Tower Medium Gallente Control Tower Small -
Serpentis Serpentis Control Tower Serpentis Control Tower Medium Serpentis Control Tower Small A
Shadow Shadow Control Tower Shadow Control Tower Medium Shadow Control Tower Small B
Minmatar Minmatar Minmatar Control Tower Minmatar Control Tower Medium Minmatar Control Tower Small -
Angel Angel Control Tower Angel Control Tower Medium Angel Control Tower Small A
Domination Domination Control Tower Domination Control Tower Medium Domination Control Tower Small B
  • Variation A: 10% more Armor & Shield HP than base race & -10% (Un)Anchor & Onlining times
  • Variation B: 20% more Armor & Shield HP than base race & -20% (Un)Anchor & Onlining times

Control Tower Features

The shield

When a Control Tower is online, it emits a force field around it as a shield. If a player is not in the owner's corporation or does not have a password then they cannot enter the shield. The shield looks like a big blueish bubble and completely surrounds the Tower. Ships or structures cannot be targeted or fired upon within the shields of a POS -- hostiles can only target the Control Tower itself.

The strength of the shield is dependent on the Control Tower's race and size. (See the above tables.) For a Large Control Tower this can be up to 50 million hitpoints, which will take hundreds of battleships or several Dreadnoughts pounding it for hours to take it down. (See also: Siege)

Station management

As stated earlier, the Control Tower is used to manage all other structures - this includes turrets and launchers you Anchor to protect your base. The Control Tower can be set to fire on anyone based on standings, their standings to the owner's corporation or whether they fire on friendlies or the POS. There are also options to set a password so friendlies can pass through the shields and have safety within its field.

The Control Tower settings governs the rules of how your POS defends itself against other corporations and determines who is allowed within its shields.

Power and control

Like ships, Control Towers have a limited supply of power and CPU. Each POS structure uses a certain amount of Power Grid and CPU which is deducted from your CT's total.

Fueling a Control Tower

A Control Tower runs on fuel blocks. They are consumed every hour, with a fuel saving to be made by using faction towers. The 'standard' and the two faction levels are listed below:

  • The large control tower uses 40 fuel blocks per hour with the 'A' type faction tower using 36 and the 'B' type faction tower using 32.
  • The medium control tower uses 20 blocks, with the 'A' type faction tower using 18 and the 'B' type faction tower using 16.
  • The small control tower uses 10 blocks, with the 'A' type faction tower using 9 and the 'B' type faction tower using 8.

In 0.5 security space and above Starbase Charters are required by the controlling region's faction, ie Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar. The Starbase Charters are consumed at one per hour irrespective of the size of the tower.

Historical Note

Historically, control towers used to be fuelled by individual components (coolant; enriched uranium; heavy water; liquid ozone; mechanical parts; oxygen, and robotics). Additionally each races' control towers required a specific isotope to function, (Amarr - Helium Isotopes; Caldari - Nitrogen Isotopes; Gallente - Oxygen Isotopes; Minmatar - Hydrogen Isotopes). The control, measurement, and storage of these fuels required careful monitoring due to the differing consumption rates between each fuel type, as well as the differing rate of a particular fuel depending upon how much power was being drawn from the tower.

As a result four different racial Fuel Blocks were created, which contain the correct ratios of each races' particular fuel requirements irrespective of the power demand on the control tower, as well as the correct racial isotope.

Fuel Block blueprints can be purchased on the open market by POS owners or industrialists, and used to create Fuel Blocks to use or sell.

The EVE API can be used with a director api key to query tower fuel reserves. Many spaceholding alliances have written their own software to make use of this functionality, providing features such as RSS or XMPP alerts when towers are approaching empty, or computing fuel requirements to simplify importing and filling.

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