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Core Defence Field Purger

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Tech I


This ship modification is designed to improve shield recharge rate at the expense of increased signature radius.


  • Recharge Rate Bonus: -20%
  • Drawback :-10%
  • Calibration Cost: 50

Skill Requirements

Material Requirements

Salvaged Materials





Armor: Anti-em PumpAnti-explosive PumpAnti-kinetic PumpAnti-thermic PumpAuxiliary Nano PumpNanobot AcceleratorRemote Repair AugmentorSalvage TackleTrimark Armor Pump

Astronautics:Auxiliary ThrustersCargohold OptimizationDynamic Fuel ValveEngine Thermal ShieldingHyperspatial Velocity OptimizerLow Friction Nozzle JointsPolycarbon Engine HousingPropellant Injection VentWarp Core Optimizer

Drone:Drone Control Range AugmentorDrone Durability EnhancerDrone Mining AugmentorDrone Repair AugmentorDrone Scope ChipDrone Speed AugmentorSentry Damage AugmentorStasis Drone Augmentor

Electronics:Emission Scope SharpenerGravity Capacitor UpgradeLiquid Cooled ElectronicsMemetic Algorithm BankSignal Disruption Amplifier

Electronics Superiority:Inverted Signal Field ProjectorIonic Field ProjectorParticle Dispersion AugmentorParticle Dispersion ProjectorSignal Focusing KitTargeting System SubcontrollerTargeting Systems StabilizerTracking Diagnostic Subroutines

Energy Grid:Ancillary Current RouterCapacitor Control CircuitEgress Port MaximizerPowergrid Subroutine MaximizerSemiconductor Memory Cell

Energy Weapon:Algid Energy Administrations UnitEnergy Ambit ExtensionEnergy Burst AeratorEnergy Collision AcceleratorEnergy Discharge ElutriationEnergy Locus CoordinatorEnergy Metastasis Adjuster

Hybrid Weapon:Algid Hybrid Administrations UnitHybrid Ambit ExtensionHybrid Burst AeratorHybrid Collision AcceleratorHybrid Discharge ElutriationHybrid Locus CoordinatorHybrid Metastasis Adjuster

Launcher:Bay Loading AcceleratorHydraulic Bay ThrustersRocket Fuel Cache PartitionWarhead Calefaction CatalystWarhead Flare CatalystWarhead Rigor Catalyst

Projectile Weapon:Projectile Ambit ExtensionProjectile Burst AeratorProjectile Collision AcceleratorProjectile Locus CoordinatorProjectile Metastasis Adjuster

Shield:Anti-EM Screen ReinforcerAnti-Explosive Screen ReinforcerAnti-Kinetic Screen ReinforcerAnti-Thermal Screen ReinforcerCore Defence Capacitor SafeguardCore Defence Charge EconomizerCore Defence Field ExtenderCore Defence Field PurgerCore Defence Operational Solidifier

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