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Covert Jump Portal Generator I

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Covert Jump Portal Generator I
Type: Jump Portal Generator
Tech Level: Tech 1
Source: made
High slot icon.png Requires a High power slot.
CPU small.png CPU usage: 50 tf
Powergrid small.png Power usage: 1500 MW
Required Skills
Jump Portal Generation 1
Mass: 1 kg
Volume: 125m3
A piece of machinery designed to allow a black ops vessel to create a bridge between systems without the use of a stargate, allowing its companions access through vast tracts of space to join it on the battlefield.
Note: can only be fitted on Black Ops.

Much like the Jump Portal Generator for the Titans, but can be used only by Covert Ops ships.

Note that the portal is also only open for 20 seconds, where the titan's portal is open a full 60.


  • Activation cost: 100 Energy
  • Can be fitted to: Black Ops
  • Max velocity bonus: -100%
  • Activation time/Duration: 20.00
  • Jump Harmonics: 2

Required skills


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