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Crokite is a very heavy ore that is always in high demand because it has the largest ratio of zydrine for any ore in the world. It requires 250 ore units to refine.

Found in:

  • 0.0

Volume : 16 m3
Units of ore needed to refine : 250

1-dose yield:
331 Tritanium
331 Nocxium
663 Zydrine


Sharp Crokite

In certain belts, environmental conditions will carve sharp, jagged edges into crokite rocks, resulting in the formation of sharp crokite.

1-dose yield:
348 Tritanium
348 Nocxium
696 Zydrine

Crystalline Crokite

Crystalline crokite is the stuff of legend in 0.0 space. Not only does it give a 10% greater yield than regular crokite, but chunks of the rock glitter beautifully in just the right light, making crystalline crokite popular as raw material for jewelry.

1-dose yield:
364 Tritanium
364 Nocxium
729 Zydrine

Ore's Card Game Version

Card Type : Location > Asteroid Field
Cost : 0
Income : 0
Mining : 3

Play only in an outer region.

Sacrifice Crokite: Crokite deals 3 damage to target ship in this region.

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