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Dark Ochre

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Dark Ochre was for years ignored as a worthwile ore to mine until improved refining techniques managed to extract the huge amount of nocxium inside it, the highest ratio of nocxium found in any ore in the world. 400 ore units of Dark Ochre are needed to refine it.

Found in:

  • 0.0

Volume : 8 m3
Units of ore needed to refine : 400

1-dose yield:
250 Tritanium
500 Nocxium
250 Zydrine


Onyx Ochre

Shiny black nuggets of Onyx Ochre look very nice and are occasionally used in ornaments. But the great amount of nocxium is what miners are really after. Like in all else, good looks are only an added bonus.

1-dose yield:
263 Tritanium
525 Nocxium
263 Zydrine

Obsidian Ochre

Obsidian Ochre, the most valuable member of the Dark Ochre family, was only first discovered a decade ago. The sleek black surface of this mineral managed to reflect scanning waves, making Obsidian Ochre asteroids almost invisible. Advances in scanning technology revealed these beauties at last.

1-dose yield:
275 Tritanium
550 Nocxium
275 Zydrine

Ore's Card Game Version

Card Type : Location > Asteroid Field
Cost : 1
Income : 2
Mining : 2

When Dark-Ochre comes into play in your home region, pay 3 ISK or sacrifice it.

If you are not the owner of Dark-Ochre, it's income becomes (+0) and your ships cannot mine it.

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