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Datacores are used during the Invention process to create Tech 2 blueprints. Most Tech 1 can be used to invent new items. The blueprint will list which datacores and data interface are needed. Once you install these items in an invention slot at a station or a POS, the invention job will start and you will have a chance to create a Tech 2 blueprint and the datacores are consumed in the process.

Datacores are earned by having an R&D agent perform research for you. In order for the agent to perform research, you need to have a high enough standing with the agent's corporation to talk to the Research Agents as well as have one of the science skills (such as Mechanical Engineering ) that the agent knows. Once the agent starts working for you, you'll accumulate Research Points (RP) for that agent. You can then use points to buy datacores. The datacores will appear in your hangar and can be moved and sold like any other Eve commodity.

Datacore Types

Here is a list of the 18 types of datacores that exist, that are not specific to missions:

Datacore Area of Use
Datacore - Amarrian Starship Engineering Amarr Starships
Datacore - Caldari Starship Engineering Caldari Starships
Datacore - Electromagnetic Physics Electronic Warfare, Railguns
Datacore - Electronic Engineering Electronic Warfare, Webbers, Scramblers, Drones
Datacore - Gallentean Starship Engineering Gallente Starships, ORE Starships
Datacore - Graviton Physics Cloaking, Webbers, Scramblers
Datacore - High Energy Physics Energy Systems, Laser Weapons
Datacore - Hydromagnetic Physics Shield Systems
Datacore - Laser Physics Laser Weapons, Mining Lasers
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering Repair Systems, Starships, Railguns, Blasters, Projectiles, Mining Lasers, Missile Launchers, Drones
Datacore - Minmatar Starship Engineering Minmatar Starships
Datacore - Molecular Engineering Armor/Hull, Propulsion Systems
Datacore - Nanite Engineering Armor/Hull, Repair Systems
Datacore - Nuclear Physics Projectiles
Datacore - Plasma Physics Blasters
Datacore - Quantum Physics Cloaking, Energy Systems, Shield Systems
Datacore - Rocket Science Propulsion Systems, Missile Launchers

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