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Deep Core Mining

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Industry Skill Tree

Primary Attribute: Memory
Secondary Attribute: Intelligence

Processing skills:

1 this skill is obsolete



Prerequisite Skills

Primary Skill Required

Secondary Skill Required


Deep Core Mining is a process unique to the harvesting of Mercoxit, the most valuable ore in EVE. Since it is the only way to acquire Morphite, a mineral used in the production of Tech 2 ships, it is highly sought after by production corporations, alliances of all kind, and miners, seeking a quick path to massive amounts of ISK.

To successfully harvest Mercoxit, you will need any mining module labelled for "Deep Core" use.

After a successful round of Mercoxit mining, there is a chance that a Gas Cloud will form. This is unique to Mercoxit. The gas cloud deals damage to your ship, but is less likely to occur with a higher level in the skill of Deep Core Mining.

It should be noted that the size of the cloud is much smaller than the range of the mining laser. With care, the gas cloud can be avoided.

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