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Designed as a counter to fast Frigates and Interceptors these potent weapon platforms sacrifice flexibility and speed for sheer hitting power, yet remain a surprisingly cost effective way of doing battle.

Destroyers are useful for doing level 1 kill missions, especially the infamous When Worlds Collide, a mission where nothing larger than a Destroyer class hull may enter the second area. However, the destructive power of a Destroyer is not significantly more than a Cruiser, and the defensive capacity is far less. This combination usually leads people to shun Destroyers in favor of Cruisers. Destroyers are much more effective once a pilot has learned extensive tanking skills. The Destroyer is effective in situations where victory is determined in the first few seconds and in these situations pilots fit all offensive gear and no tank. A good offense can sometimes be the best defense. They are of course the stepping stone to the highly important Interdictors.

One field the Destroyer excels in is the role of Salvaging. With 8 high slots and a good cap recharge, Destroyers may be fitted with 4 tractor beams, 4 salvagers, an afterburner or a micro warp drive, and several cargo expanders, making for a highly efficient cleanup ship.


Learning only level 1 of Destroyers (skill) gets all the following benefits:

  • Over 750+ m3 storage usable for trade or courier missions with T2 cargo expanders compared to 600+ m3 for the Inquisitor or Probe.
  • Ability to fit up to 6 XeCl Drilling Beam I making them slightly better than a mining frigate.
  • Salvage fitting combinations of 2/6, 3/5 or 4/4 tractor beam/salvager into the high slots, with afterburners, capacitor recharge modules, and/or cargohold expanders into the medium slots and low slots.

The 8 high slots makes them equal to any other ship in salvaging ability for a minor price.

Combat Uses

Most Destroyers have far more high-slot turret points than conventional frigates, but tend to pay for it in mid and low slots scarcity, making them more suited to stand-off barrages than high-speed chases. They have been known to be fitted with maximum damage loadouts for suicide runs in high-sec systems or for cheap fleet pack ships. With skills they can handle a few level 3 missions with dispersed enemies and all level 2 and lower missions but they are more challenging on level 2 missions than a cruiser.

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