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Directional Scanner

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The Directional Scanner, not to be confused with the System Scanner, is a standard piece of equipment available to all ships. With it, you may detect any type of object in space, provided you can utilize it properly and get within detection range.

To use any kind of Scanner, you must open the Scan window by pressing the radial button just below the Cargo button on the left side of the circular status display. You can also press Ctrl + F-11 to bring it up. The Directional Scanner has its own tab, alongside System Scanner and Moon Analysis.

The Directional Scanner works by returning results based on the direction the Camera is pointing. The Angle setting determines how large of an envelope around your view is scanned based on the Camera angle. If, for example, you choose 180 degrees, the Directional Scanner will check for objects 90 degrees to the left, right, to above, and to below the direction the Camera is pointing. 5 degrees checks only the center of your view, while 360 degrees checks everything around you in a sphere.

The maximum range of the Directional Scanner is 2,147,483,647 KM (this can be accessed quickly by typing 9999999999 in the field). You may wish to put less distance in order to filter out objects that are farther away. The maximum range equates to about 14.355 AU, which can be important to know if you are using Scan Probes to do a System Scan.

Results found on the Directional Scanner cannot be warped to unless it is an object you can already warp to normally (such as a Station, Stargate, or Planet). The primary purpose of the Directional Scanner is to see if anything is in the vicinity worth scanning for with the System Scanner. It can also be used to scout an area for hostiles or give a small amount of advance warning of an incoming hostile.

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