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The Doomsday weapon/Doomsday Device (DD) comes in 4 types, one for each of the racial Titan class ships. The most powerful weapon class in the game, the Doomsday weapon is not easy to fire, requiring several conditions to be fulfilled before firing:

1. Requires a high proportion of the titans capacitor to fire, approx 95%.
2. Requires chemical isotopes, similar to a jump drive, to activate.

Also, when a Titans doomsday weapon is activated, it prevents the Titans jumpdrive from activating for 10 minutes. The Doomsday device its self also has a reactivation delay of 1 hour.

When the DD goes off, it is NO LONGER akin to a huge smartbomb. It is a single-target weapon, dealing it's racial damage type. Needless to say, this is a deadly weapon.

Name Meta Level Damage Reactivation Delay Isotope Consumption Activation Cost Powergrid Usage CPU Usage
Aurora Ominae n/a 2,000,000 HP Thermal 3600 sec 50000 Oxygen 25000 Energy 100000 MW 100 tf
Gjallarhorn n/a 2,000,000 HP Explosive 3600 sec 50000 Hydrogen 20000 Energy 100000 MW 100 tf
Judgement n/a 2,000,000 HP EM 3600 sec 50000 Helium 27500 Energy 100000 MW 100 tf
Oblivion n/a 2,000,000 HP Kinetic 3600 sec 50000 Nitrogen 22500 Energy 100000 MW 100 tf
  • Note: you will be unable to jump for 10 minutes after activating the doomsday device.


  • The Doomsday weapon of Titans used to have a remote detonation capability via Cynosural Fields, permitting the Titan to fire its super-weapon into a cyno located elsewhere within the same solar system. This made executing a doomsday attack incredibly safe. Revelations II removed this ability as a part of the overall 'capital ships nerf'.
  • Revelations II also added the 10 minute timer, preventing use of the jump drive, after activation of the doomsday weapon.

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