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The dreadnoughts are fierce capital-class ships designed to lay siege to the largest of all structures in EVE, the player owned station, (POS or starbase).

Slow and cumbersome, like all Capital Ships the Dreadnought relies on an on-board Jump Drive for system to system travel. When in siege mode, the dreadnoughts are all but immobile. In compensation for their immobility in siege mode, the ship's critical navigation systems are routed to power the defenses and weapon hardpoints. A side effect of the siege mode is the emission of a broad-spectrum electromagnetic field that prevents the operation of any electronic warfare modules.

A single Dreadnought has been known to turn the tide of many battles, the Dreadnought is truly the backbone of any alliance war machine.

Each race has designed their own dreadnought. The Phoenix was the first of the dreadnoughts to be developed, in true Caldari fashion. The Gallente Moros, the Amarr Revelation, and the Minmatar Naglfar followed soon after.

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