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A droneboat is a ship that has bonuses to damage done by and hitpoints of drones. Droneboats are generally cruiser sized vessels or larger, although the Ishkur is an Assault Ship. Carriers are capital-sized droneboats. Every race has both a carrier and a mothership carrier in their capital fleet. The Moros dreadnought is capable of carrying far more drones then its peers although it cannot field more at a given time.

Droneboats are generally Gallente ships (usually of CreoDron manufacture), although the Amarr fleet includes a few as well.

Droneboats have a reputation for achieving impressive damage rates; most droneboats have enough capacity in their drone bays to carry full sets of drones for all or most of the damage types, allowing missile-like flexibility in damage. However, drones can be targeted and smartbombed, and so are not always a good choice for all combat situations (specifically pvp, although even in missions they must be micromanaged to keep aggro focused on the boat, not its drones). But a drone boat will typically fare quite well against superior craft smaller then itself. The Vexor or Arbitrator, for example, can demolish assault ships that would normally shred cruisers, because their light drones can invalidate any size advantage enjoyed by the attacker, while the cruiser can spend all of its capacitor on defense.

Thus, pvp engagements against droneboats tend to be done using comparable-size or larger-size vessels (usually with the advantage of numbers) rather then smaller, faster vessels. Most droneboats are unable to field an effective force of drones heavier then their intended weight class (ie, a cruiser cannot field 5 heavies; although the Myrmidion could for several years before being nerfed).

Gallente droneboats

Amarr droneboats

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