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EMP ammunition

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A new technology, this highly advanced ammunition emits a focused EM pulse. Very potent against shields.

This ammunition is specifically tuned to lower shields, and performs adequately against armor as well. One of only two varieties of projectile ammunition that does EMP damage, this ammunition is both expensive (5 times the cost of Carbonized Lead ammunition) , and short ranged (50% range penalty).

Standard shields typically have no resistance to EMP damage. This ammunition will cut through standard shields like a hot knife through butter. Armor typically has low resistance to the other damage this ammunition does: explosive and kinetic. This makes using one ammunition type during a firefight a useful option.

The shortened range your turrets will have when loaded with this ammo may cause you problems if you cannot close with your foe.

Type Damage Range Modifier
 EM  Explosive Kinetic Thermal
Carbonized Lead 0 1 4 0 60%
Nuclear 0 4 1 0 60%
Proton 3 0 2 0 60%
Depleted Uranium 0 3 2 3 0%
Titanium Sabot 0 2 6 0 0%
Fusion 0 10 2 0 -50%
Phased Plasma 0 0 2 10 -50%
EMP 9 2 1 0 -50%

Listed damages are based on small sized ammunition. Larger ammunition doubles the damage per class size increase.

Projectile ammunition types

Carbonized LeadEMPNuclearProtonDepleted UraniumFusionPhased PlasmaTitanium Sabot

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