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These rules are not necessary when editing content, but following them will increase the quality of the articles posted, as well as save the administrators a fair bit of work. Note that these guidelines evolve over time, as the EVEwiki project further develops and matures into its own organizational structure and documentation style. Generally speaking, EVEwiki follows the same sort of conventions observed at Wikipedia, except for a loosening of some specific points (specifically, language links, and other things that EVEwiki doesn't have). For a detailed view, see What Wikipedia Is Not.

Page Nomenclature (Naming)

  • IMPORTANT: This is a new policy as of May, 2006

When you name a new page, the goal is to be as unambiguous as possible. All general information pages should go into the main namespace, and forgo the use of prefixes (this means no more page names such as Corporation:Jericho Fraction). This allows all pages to be viewed on searches, links easier to create, and keeps the namespaces to their proper use for things such as page/user talk, Pages about EVEWiki, and Pages for Editors.

NEW The only exception to the above rule is for term definitions, for which the Glossary page is used. All definitions of game mechanics and so on belong here; otherwise they would be hard to guess under what word the concept would have its page under. Common examples: Damage Types, DPS, ore vs. minerals, POS, and so on. Be sure to use subcategories as well; more directives on this will be issued at a later date after current projects are well-defined and progressing smoothly.

Of course, there are bound to be ambiguous situations where multiple pages could have the same names. In these situations, the use of Category:Disambiguation Pages is very desirable. For information about how to construct such a page, visit the previous link.

Categorization of Pages

Please categorize pages. This helps further refine the searchability and organization of data. This also helps in partitioning tasks. The stubs page is a good example, partitioning pages that need work before they are considered part of the wiki and those that are complete enough. Categories also help to label types of pages, such as Category:Alliances, Category:Missions, and Category:Corporations. Such labels group pages together which follow a common format, use the same template, or are together relevant in some way.

Due to the organizational nature of categories, it is important that consistent categories are used. The Special:Categories page lists all currently-used categories, providing the editor with a list of appropriate labels for his/her page. To assure the appropriateness of a particular category, one typically can look on that category page for a description of the category and the pages which are within the category. The Special:Uncategorizedpages page is one area in which idle editors can consult in order to find some work to do, and another is to browse and ensure that existing pages have all applicable categories and no incorrect ones.

Content Guidelines

Because EVE is a very unstable and rapidly-changing world, please do not include material which is likely to become outdated in a short period of time, such as accounts of specific battles, forum wars, etc. When working on broad classifications of pages, such as Corporations, Alliances, Missions, and so on, please try to read any relevant talk pages or editor pages so that a consistent style and content is preserved across many articles.

Please also limit corporation and alliance background to essential and verifiable information, such as basic principles, activities, histories, sovereignty-claimed systems, stations, external links, and member corporations. Things not appropriate for these pages include industrial details, diplomatic contacts, travel/rules of engagement, and so on because they are subject to change and become outdated. Instead, make sure you provide a link to the corporation/alliance website where this type of information should be located.

Writing Guidelines

Perfect grammar and diction are not necessary, but the writing has to be understandable. No leet speak unless appropriate; editors should strive to be concise, clear, and use an encyclopedic (but not overbearing or cryptic) tone and diction. English will be the main language until translation tools are acquired, or until there is a large enough non-English community to support its own language version of this wiki.

Please make all article content as objective as possible. Do not include claims which cannot be substantiated, or present a bias or non-neutral point of view. Such additions or alterations of articles are not helpful; please avoid them despite your personal interests or affiliations.

Model Pages

If you are unsure how to format a certain page, try consulting the Model Pages Category for pages which are of high quality show exemplary use of templates and content. This page itself is placed in this category, to serve as a Model Page for all other editorial and EVEwiki namespace pages.


An increasing number of templates are being developed for use on EVEWiki. The most important purposes of these templates is to display information, links, or messages in a consistent manner across all related pages of EVEWiki. The secondary purpose is to make it easier for both editors to edit and create articles, and users to find what they are looking for on the site. If unsure how to utilize a template, one should consult the EVEWiki:Templates listing page, or the individual template pages (which may contain special directions pertaining to that template).

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