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EVEWiki:Corporations and Alliances

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Because EVE has a rich history of corporations and alliances and because PvP is so heavily structured around this principal, EVE Wiki is committed to storing these pages. The purpose is to help acquaint the reader with the history of EVE, not to boast or put other corporations and alliances down.


Naming and Included Information

  • All corporation pages must reside in the Corporation: namespace and all alliance pages in the Alliance: namespace. This namespace is isolated from the main namespace by:
    • Not allowing redirects to or from this namespace with one exception (pointed out below).
Note that these limitations don't affect links pointing out from the Corporation: namespace, such as linking to articles in the main namespace or user pages; outbound links are perfectly allowed.
  • All corporation/alliance pages must be named with the full name of the corporation/alliance as displayed in-game (including uppercase first letter formatting), i.e., use [[Band of Brothers]].
  • All corporation pages must contain the template {{Corporation}} at the top; this template clearly marks the article as a corporation article. Likewise, all alliance pages must contain the template {{Alliance}} at the top of the article to distinguish the article as an alliance page.
  • Image names must be prefixed with the word "Corporation" or "Alliance" and the full name of the corporation or alliance. (examples: Image:Corporation Shinra.jpg, Image:Alliance Band of Brothers.jpg). As with the above, this is to clearly identify an image as being corporation/alliance-related only.
  • For detailed instructions on how to format your page and what information to include, see the style and formatting guidelines for corporations and alliances. This page also provides a handy template for such articles.

Not Allowed

  • Corporation and Alliance pages must not contain any defamation about others (players, corporations, and alliances).
  • Achievements must be backed up with hard evidence such as articles on eve-tribune, official websites, championships, etc.
  • Deviation from style and formatting guidelines for corporations and alliances.


  • Redirects into the corp/alliance page from main articles excluding massive powerblocs or the most famous of corporations (for example, BoB redirecting to Band of Brothers). These are decided upon by a case by case basis by administrators.
  • Using large amounts of images in pages: just a logo and maybe one action shot.


  • Historical pages are never deleted and tagged with {{historical}} to denote their special place in EVE Online history.
  • Inactive pages are tagged with {{inactive}}. They are deleted after 2 more months of inactivity. Inactivity is
  • Wiki inactivity - The page has not received any edits for 6 months.
  • In-game inactivity - The listed contact (forum, website, guild leader, etc) is inactive or the guild article doesn't list a contact.

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