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EVEWiki:Editor Resources

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If you've found this page, you're probably interested in editing pages. This article will explain the basics and some of the more common advanced features. This will also be your one-stop resource to show what we are working on as well as offering a few pages that you can check out if we've missed something. If you have content we have not covered, ADD IT! and take credit when it is due. By all means, the editor community cannot think of everything so help us out!

Current Projects

  • NEW Conversion of separate namespaced pages into the main namespace. For more information, see the appropriate section of EVEwiki Conventions.
  • NEW Conversion of Corporation and Alliance pages to use the appropriate templates, and other formatting features. For more information about templates, and supercategories such as Alliances and Corporations see EVEwiki Conventions.
  • Currently cleaning up all those stubs! If you are a stub: Elaborate or die!

Unclaimed Work

  • Special:Recentchanges- Check through this page to see the most recent changes, and make sure that all incoming data is acceptible. Filter this stuff as if you were a whale and it were krill. KRILL!
  • Category:Stubs- All stub pages needing elaboration.
  • Test- This is the anarchy and chaos. We tolerate it because it's used to host vast amounts of yet to be sorted data. At the moment we are using it to store the [email protected] data as it gets sorted.
  • Special:Uncategorizedpages- Pages that need a home. Give them a home. For their sake :)

Editing Resources

  • EVEWiki:Templates - Templates guide page for editors.
  • Special:Categories- All current categories.
  • EVEwiki:Conventions- Includes page-naming formats, templates we use for certain subjects and other good stuff.
  • MediaWiki User Guide- The definitive guide to the software that runs this site. Trying to do something but don't know how? Check this out first.
  • Wikipedia on NPOV- If you have never contributed to a Wiki before, reading this article will help you craft better content, and avoid conflicts.

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