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EVEWiki:House Rules

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This page is an official policy on EVE Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.


Open-source wikis are a bit anarchic. The only applicable rules here are for those that are in the best interests of the individual and of the group. They are:

Greater Commandments

Follow these or be considered for a permanent IP ban.

  • Do not post copyrighted material without gaining express permission from the source. In the terms of copyright law, the only things that are NOT copyrighted are those that explicitly say so. All other things are assumed to be copyrighted.
  • Do not spam, malign, attempt to hack, or perform any other malicious activity aimed at others or the site. There is a special circle of hell for this behavior, above the one for lawyers and below the one for used car-salesmen.

Lesser Commandments

Like picking your nose in public, these are things not met with direct punishment but with heaps of shame.

  • Always cite where external information comes from so we know you're not full of ****.
  • It's acceptable to not attach your name if it hampers site usability. This is especially likely in metapages.
  • Use the "Minor Changes" check box for any spelling, appearance, or other superficial changes.
    • This is important is because it helps users quickly and efficiently travel through the Recent Changes page by taking full advantage of the filtering system. It reduces database load, and also makes rolling-back malicious changes easier.
  • Keep the language and content fairly clean in the name of common decency; no slurs, personal attacks, vulgarity, or pr0n(ban material). With this in mind, colorful curses are permissible and even encouraged.
  • Please keep articles objective, limit opinions to attached discussion pages.

Ferrer 20:16, 21 November 2005 (MST)

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