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Where do we report pages for deletion? Here is an empty category (Category:Agent Missions Against Sansha), that is not needed as we use Category:Agent Missions Against Sansha's Nation. Further: Category:Akat Rangers Corps needs to be articified and deleted. Category:Items Index] should be renemaed Category:Items (KISS). All Glossary:whatever articles should be renamed to whatver (i.e. Glossary:Tanking should be Tanking, because nobody is ever going to want to type in 'glossary:' prefix (and why should they?). All Glossary:Letter articles (i.e. Glossary:A, Glossary:B, etc.) should be merged into one Glossary article: one list is better then 30, and will allow people to look through various terms without the need to open 30 pages! PS. All categories are now categorized, Category:Categories is the top-level category. There is still much work in categories we need to do, but at least there is some order.--Piotrus 01:19, 1 October 2006 (EDT)

Sorry for editing your message, Piotrus, those links were adding "wanted pages" that weren't wanted and... stuff like that.

Who is who

I would like to know who else is working on this wiki and reading the community portal :) PS. The three administrators (listed at EVEWiki:About) seem to be away... uh-oh (User:Ferrer - last edit, 28 March 2006; User:PreTender - last edit, 15 July 2006; User:Nickel Deuce - last edit, 11 September 2006). --Piotrus 01:49, 1 October 2006 (EDT)

Exploration tutorial

Having just completed this, I think it deserves its own article, if only to warn people that you get 1 exercise in how to scan, and 4, 1 for each type of site. What you don't get is any sort of tutorial on the most efficient and effective way to use probes to scan down sites. -- Soren nyrond

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